Commercial Tires
Hot & Cold: Ambient Air Temps Have Great Impact on ‘Correct’ Tire Pressure

cause any flexing object will generate heat, proper inflation pressure also enables the tire to reach an equilibrium temperature where the amount of heat created is equal to the amount of heat dissipated through the sidewalls, shoulder and tread area.Even though the tire industry has long reminded fleets and tire dealers about the importance of

On the Surface

On the Surfaceof the Tire/Road Relationship Anyone who has been around the tire business for any length of time has heard or participated in discussions about how well competing brands or types of tires perform. Equally well known is the wide variety of conclusions some "experts" derive from their "experience." It brings to mind an

Will Lug Tires Remain a Driving Force?

Will Lug Tires Remain a Driving Force? Remember the days when nearly all car owners – except those in the southernmost states ®“ performed the ritual of mounting and removing snow tires each year? Many drivers even purchased separate wheels, dedicated for use during the winter to avoid the extra time and expense of the

Trailers Should Sometimes Come First

Trailers Should Sometimes Come First If the headline above caught your attention and conjured up visions of big rigs heading down the highway backward, we accomplished half of our mission. Make no mistake, we’re not advocating changing the direction of traffic flow, but we do want to underscore and explore the importance of devoting some

The “Big” Approach: Treating Smaller Fleets Like the Big Guys Can Help Win Them Over

When it comes to proper, dollar-saving tire maintenance, small and medium sized fleets – especially owner-operators with a handful of tractors – are probably the toughest customers. On their tires, and on their dealers. While they know they need tires, often times cost issues, the lack of a formal controlled vehicle maintenance program, and/or the

Fleets Need Help With Repairs

Fleets Need Help With Repairs Many fleets perform their own tire repairs – for better or worse. Dealers and retreaders can either curse their bad luck at losing potential business or take advantage of the situation.At first glance, it appears dealers and retreaders lose business when fleets do their own tire repairs. A deeper look

The Truck Tire/Brake Relationship

The Truck Tire/Brake Relationship Modern trucks have evolved significantly in recent years. Depending on the vantage point of the assessor, today’s over-the-road rigs have been described as innovative, streamlined, incredibly reliable, or as merely highly evolved, electronically assisted versions of some aging basic designs. Most, however, would agree that today’s trucks move more of our

Off-the-Road Tires: When AND Why

How many of us have gone to a business meeting or social gathering only to discover that everyone else was dressed similar to one another, but very different than we had chosen? This could result from not reading dress guidelines on the invitation, not knowing established practices, or simply not paying attention to the circumstances.If

A Tire Is Not a Tire: Measurable Goals, Customer Participation Key to Fleet Test Success

s with a “seeing-is-believing” attitude toward tire and equipment purchasing.Such tests also allow dealers to build stronger working relationships with key accounts by demonstrating another  way they can provide increased value and service. Have the End in Mind When setting up or proposing an OTR fleet test, the first step is to clearly define your

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

lectric, gas, cable and telephone providers have some specific tire needs, and the requirements may change with some evolving industry trends. Most are locally domiciled and serviced by a single shop, so inflation pressure maintenance and routine visual inspections for cuts, wear, and other out-of-service conditions shouldn’t pose a problem.Typically, the trucks are used for

Uptime, Downtime and Profitability

Uptime, Downtime and Profitability Since the primary focus of this month’s issue is profitability, and the subject matter of this column is commercial tires, let’s take a close look at some of the trends in the commercial vehicle industry and brainstorm a bit to see how these might positively impact your business.One of the most

Takin’ Care of Business

Profit Handbook Takin’ Care of Business There is an over-used, oft picked-on phrase that goes something like "TCB." Better known as "Takin’ Care of Business." It’s a business model for some, a laugh for others. While the phrase is trite, it is still accurate in describing tire dealers that handle commercial accounts – especially time-sensitive