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Cost Benefits of a Scheduled Trailer Maintenance Program

Increase uptime and productivity. Improve CSA scores. Spend less time and money coordinating major repairs. As a fleet owner or manager, these goals are often top of mind, but how do you achieve them?

Not All Belts Require an Automatic Tensioner!

Since 2004, automakers have been designing drives using self-tensioning belts. These drives do not have a mechanical tensioner to maintain constant belt tension, and they do not have an adjustment slot that allows belt installation and tensioning.

Tire Maintenance Tips to Help You Roll Through Summer

You may be pumped for summer, but are your tires? As the temperature outside goes up, so does the importance of tire maintenance.

Routine Tire Maintenance and TPMS is Key to Tire Cost Management

Tires play a vital role in operating vehicles, and diligent maintenance is crucial to your safety and your bottom line.

Automotive Belts, While Lasting Longer Than Ever, Still Wear Out Over Time

Belts continue to be one of the most replaced wear items on vehicles today.

Sealing Modern Water Pumps

Over the past 20 years, we have seen water pumps and cooling systems evolve to improve start-up emissions.

Test to Reduce Ignition Repair Time

Most of the time spent on an ignition problem is not the repair itself, it’s diagnosing the misfire code, conducting rounds of trial-and-error repairs and sometimes uninstalling and re-installing ancillary engine components. When a cylinder is not contributing and a misfire begins ticking up consistently, endless things might be the cause. Things like: the injector,

The #1 Cause of Spark Plug Failure

Many factors can cause a spark plug to fail; from incorrect heat ranges to improper gapping, to chemical contamination. Yet 90% of spark plug damage claims are due to improper torque.

Five Things You Need to Know About Spark Plugs

Five things you need to know about spark plugs: anti-seize; corona stain; gapping fine-wire spark plugs; torque; and cooper plugs.

Attention: Please Post This Important Safety Information for Your Customers

Last year, American Honda released a poster designed to help keep your customers safe. That poster identified certain Honda and Acura vehicles that may have been affected by the Takata airbag inflator recalls affecting customers at that time. Since then, the inflator recalls have expanded, so we have provided an updated poster below that includes