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Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Dennis Leipold

Leipold Tire was born from modest beginnings. In 1975, then 22-year-old Dennis Leipold founded the dealership in Stow, Ohio, with just $17,000 in start-up capital and a commitment to success.

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Rick Lang

When Rick Lang decided to start his own wholesale business, it wasn’t about selling more tires. Lang’s vision was to create a business, and meaningful relationships, that offer tire dealers much more.

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Chris Chase

For most people a flat tire would ruin their day, but for Chris Chase it’s led to a lifelong career.

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Audra Fordin

When a recession hit in the late 2000s, tire dealer Audra Fordin, owner of Great Bear Auto Repair and Body Shop in Queens, N.Y., was at risk of losing her business as fewer and fewer cars came to the shop. But through this struggle, Fordin found her business’ (and her own) salvation in an unlikely

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Marshall Lucas

Many successful businesses have started from accidents: fudge, microwaves, post-it notes and even superglue. Sometimes success is stumbled upon, when a series of unexpected events along with hard work leads to something big. For Marshall Lucas, owner of the wholesaler and retailer V T Used Tire Co., the evolution of his business is one of

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Jason Greer

Two years ago Jason Greer, owner of Buckner, Ky.-based K&G Tire Pros, took money from his advertising budget that would normally go toward TV and radio advertising and instead put that money toward helping the community that’s helped him thrive. “Myself and a lot of my key employees are from the area,” Greer says. “We

Dealer Profile: Pam Gatto

Pam Gatto, CEO of Florida-based Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service, believes she isn’t just selling tires; she’s selling peace of mind. “We’re not here to sell you a tire or a set of brakes,” she says. “We’re going to make sure your car is safe for you and your families.”

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Shane Schmidt

When the U.S. economy slid into recession in 2007, many businesses struggled to survive. As the unemployment rate grew to 9.5% by June 2009, California was among the hardest hit states in the country with a jobless rate more than 10%. It was during that time that Shane Schmidt, owner of Schmidty’s Garage in Huntington

Dealer Profile: Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis grew up immersed in the tire industry. By the age of 6, he was learning to change tires; by the time he was out of high school, he was running his own service truck; and by the age of 19, Davis became an independent tire dealer. Now, Davis and 62 employees successfully run

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Jim Jones

Jim Jones may be owner of Toledo, Ohio-based JAM Best-One Fleet Service, but you won’t find that title on his business card. Jones is the head coach, or simply “Coach.” Although he has years of experience coaching wrestling, Coach got the idea for his title from former Tires Plus leader Tom Gegax’s book, “The Big

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Bill Simon

In 1966, an ad in the newspaper and a $1,500 loan helped a country boy from Oklahoma find work running an Esso service station in Baton Rouge, La. Fifty years later, 79-year-old Bill Simon, founder and president of Simple Simon Tires, has transformed that service station into two successful tire dealerships through hard work, trust

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Marc Yount

The year Marc Yount started Marc Yount’s Tire Pros in Evans, Ga., was a hectic one. Despite several hurdles that first year in business, becoming an independent tire dealer proved successful for Yount, 64, and something he is proud of today. “I’m proud to be an independent tire dealer because of our independence,” Yount says.