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Proud to be an Independent Tire Dealer: Ryan Anderson, Montana Tire Distributors

In April 2018, Ryan Anderson walked out of the bank as the proud owner of his family’s tire business, Montana Tire Distributors, in Billings, Montana, and he plans to take the company to new heights.

Ryan Anderson MOntana Tire Distributors
Proud to be an Independent Tire Dealer: Tony Tripp, Tripp’s Tire Pros

Tripp’s Tire Pros is on its third-generation as a family-run local business, but owner Tony Tripp is already looking ahead to a fourth generation. And a fifth.

Tripp's Tire Pros Tony Tripp Proud to Be Independent Tire Dealer
Proud to be An Independent Tire Dealer: Chip Wood & Steven Wood, Tire Discounters

When William “Chip” Wood opened his first tire shop in 1976 in Cincinnati, Ohio, right out of college, he never imagined it would grow into the company it is today, with over 110 locations across the nation.

Chip Wood Steven Wood Tire Discounters
Proud to Be An Independent Tire Dealer: Joe Quigg, Ed’s Tire & Auto

Joe Quigg didn’t start out as a “car guy” like other many other tire dealers; instead, he entered the market to pursue his dream.

Joe Quigg Ed's Tire Auto Service
Proud to Be an Independent Tire Dealer: Elizabeth Tucker and Joe Oliver, Big T Tire

What started as her husband’s dream of opening a tire shop became Elizabeth Tucker’s life and passion. Now with her grandson as her partner in business, Big T Tire has grown and proven itself over the years

Proud to Be: ASAP Tire, James Chen

What do a leaking tire and an on-demand dog grooming service have in common? Both inspired 30-year industry veteran James Chen to create the startup company ASAP Tire, a mobile tire shop that comes to its customers anywhere.

Proud to Be: Trudy Deutsch, Manley Tire & Oil Service

In an era when many owners make it a point to keep religious beliefs separate from their business, Trudy Deutsch of Manley Tire does the opposite, placing Christian values front and center, making her faith a part of the culture.

Proud To Be An Independent Tire Dealer: Hay Tire Pros

At an age where most people are slowing down and finding a relaxing place to spend their retirement, Henry Hay, 86, is still working hard to stay healthy and to support the thriving business that he built with his son, David Hay, 56.

Proud to Be: Brian Moak, HEART Certified Auto Care

What started as a trade magazine being sent to his desk with a map of the largest auto repair and tire chains in the country ended up being the spark that ignited a lifelong goal.

Proud To Be Independent: Don Douglass, A Plus Tire Club

Nearly 10 years ago while working for BASF, Don Douglass watched as tires were loaded into the back of a international shipping container, along with a Ferrari.

Proud To Be an Independent Tire Dealer: Stephen Clave, Dunn Tire

As managing director of the wholesale arm of Dunn Tire, which was rebranded earlier this year as Exxpress Tire Delivery, Stephen Clave is responsible for the new direction, brand positioning and growth of the wholesale organization. The Buffalo-based organization has five distribution centers to cover the fulfillment needs of tire dealers from northwest Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh to Albany.

Dealer Profile: Brad McKissick, Hometown Tire & Automotive Tire Pros

There’s a common misconception that being the “boss’ kid” means you get a free pass. Brad McKissick knows this isn’t the case. “It’s sometimes hard, working for your dad, but it pays off,” he says. Growing up in the business, McKissick jokes that he was fired several times early in his career.