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Power of Momentum: Challenges Lay Ahead, "But We Will Overcome Them," Says Disney

Challenges Lay Ahead, "But We Will Overcome Them," Says Disney

Mere Coincidences?

You don’t have to be deaf, dumb, blind or even nasally challenged to know there’s something really smelly about the Ford Explorer. Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. (BFS) has taken the brunt of the negative publicity, and suffered significant financial and perception damage, because of concerns that a "high" number of its tires failed on one particular vehicle.

In The Driver’s Ed Seat

Hi. My name is Jimmy, and I’m filling in for Dad this month.He asked me to write his column for him, so this becomes my Father’s Day gift – apparently he didn’t think a card was enough. With all the work he tells me he does, and the baseball coaching and stuff around the house,

Changing Public Opinion

Changing Public Opinion If you remember one message from reading this magazine today, let it be this: The public needs to know that the tire industry makes and sells only the highest quality products. The tire industry today is the focus of unprecedented attention from consumers, the media, Congress and the judicial system. And, unfortunately,

Git Yer Red Hots Here!

When it all went down, the media called Bridgestone/Firestone’s split from Ford a "bitter divorce," comparing it to the Charles-Diana split. That little Brit spat was nothing. Not when you’re watching these companies go at it like two jealous cheerleaders slap-fighting in the school hallway. Lost in all the moaning about the end of a

Where’s The Smoking Gun???

Police detectives call it "the smoking gun." It’s that key piece of absolutely indisputable evidence that seals the case. The smoking gun is the perfect counter to any argument of innocence. Yet finding that bit of evidentiary nirvana is not as simple as the name implies. Sometimes it takes some serious digging and rooting and

The Weighty Issues of Law

Regulation and legislation. Usually the twin banes of industry. Due to current circumstances, top of mind in the tire biz. Two recent regulatory matters – one a serious directive from Europe, and the other a piece of knee-jerk silliness from South of the Mason-Dixon – demonstrate the yin-yang of legislative matters – some are good,

Later, The Rock Does A Brake Job

Let’s face it, the XFL has as much to do with football – or real sports – as, well, the WWF. America’s scribes have weighed in heavily against the XFL, comparing and contrasting the fledgling league’s attempt at football with the pinpoint execution and superior athleticism of a NFL contest. Even the skills displayed in

Focus on the ‘Why,’ Not the ‘What’

"Changing the basic retail tire buying experience" is the hot topic right now. It’s been the underlying thread of every dealer meeting I’ve attended over the past year, and it will doubtlessly be the theme of many more in the near future. And it should. Between 1997 and 1999, tire retail customer satisfaction, measured by

Our New Dubya, Dubya, Dubya

Since the early days of the WWW, magazine publishers – like so many others – have stumbled, staggered and struggled with fashioning effective Web sites. Hindsight, as they say, is always 20/20, so we have a clear view of the laundry list of World Wide Whiffs. Suffice it to say, we all made mistakes over

And To All, A Good Night

  I have a fistful of ideas on bits of paper, but no BIG IDEA for this month. So, ala Larry King, and in an attempt to clear my desk of those bits of paper, here are some random thoughts to close the year: As we all embark on much needed consumer education about tire

Dale, Dale, He’s Our Man…

Dale Schermerhorn.Learn that name and learn it well. He’s our new poster boy.Dale lives in Connecticut and drives a Honda Accord. That’s really all I know about good old Dale. Except that he doesn’t keep his tires properly inflated.USA Today – often referred to as the “McPaper” because it serves up news hot, fast and