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The Parts Problem: Aftermarket, Dealer or Recycled

With the average age of the vehicle reaching 12 years, finding the right parts is becoming an issue and forcing shops to become sourcing and logistics experts.

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Challenges, Change and China: A Look at the 2018 Retread Industry

There’s price competition from low-quality imported tires, increasing regulatory threats from government agencies and uncertainty about raw materials costs. But there’s still cautious optimism in the retread industry.

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Commercial Tire Industry Trends: Consolidation, Electric Trucks & More to Come

Change is happening at an even more rapid pace than in the past in the commercial tire industry through freight consolidation, government regulation and other trends.

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How Evolving Mobility Will Impact the Consumer Tire Marketplace

How tires are engineered, manufactured, distributed and sold is changing to address autonomous cars, electric vehicles and the growth of shared mobility. But safety must always remain paramount.

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Our Autonomous Future: The Outlook for Driverless Vehicles

Driverless or not, safety continues to be both the biggest motivator for automotive manufacturers to invest in the autonomous vehicle, as well as the biggest driver for consumers to question the technology.

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Fixing Tire Registration: How Tire Dealers Can Help

By simply registering a tire D.O.T. with the manufacturer, the dealer sets into motion the key data point that will make a difference in tire safety.

The Disruptive Force in Tire Development

Autonomous driving is a game-changing opportunity for the automotive industry as well as its greatest challenge.

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ATD Response Brings More Questions than Answers | Patti Renner

Since the news broke last week regarding the joint venture distribution partnership between Bridgestone and Goodyear creating TireHub, Tire Review editor Patti Renner has more questions than answers.

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When Thank You Isn’t Enough

Kristen Criswell shares her insights and perspective on the value of military service as the spouse of a military member.

Tire Industry Data Challenges We Need to Catch Up

From my perspective, the tire industry is light years behind when it comes to the use of data. But this is expected to rapidly change in the near future. I have been traveling the U.S. for the past 29 months visiting tire dealers, collecting their sell-out data that will be used to measure the independent tire channel.

China on the Rise Tire Companies Making Waves Around the Globe

The Chinese tire industry, which has grown exponentially for more than a decade, has been facing a slowdown for the past two years. Tariff and non-tariff barriers imposed by a number of key countries and huge overcapacity in domestic tire manufacturing have adversely affected the industry.

Selling Tires Online Embracing the Digital Future

Currently, about 10% of tire customers buy their product online; however, as more and more customers look to the internet for research and knowledge prior to purchase, the number of tire customers to buy from an e-commerce retailer is expected to increase.