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I learned a long time ago that when you ask an honest question you should expect an honest answer. Especially if it’s about something the person you’re speaking with truly values.
The whirlwind of dealer and industry meetings over the past few months has given me the opportunity to renew old friendships and meet a lot of great new people — tire dealers and others – in this industry.
Whenever possible, I’ve asked people what they think of this magazine, and what they would recommend to make Tire Review better. The responses sometimes begin with a thoughtful, drawn out “Well” as the person worked to find a nice way to finish their answer.
You don’t have to worry about hurting my feelings, but I do appreciate the effort. And the honest, concerned comments we’ve received have really been taken to heart. It shows you care about Tire Review and want to help us deliver a better product.
I hope you’ve noticed the evolution of Tire Review these past few months. Some of the changes have been obvious, others more subtle. But all of them have focused on making Tire Review your best business and industry resource.
As I said in my first column, we are committed to the tire industry. And to providing you the news, information, viewpoints and expertise that will help you build a stronger, healthier business.
Toward that end, we have made a couple of key additions I think you’ll enjoy:
We are extremely excited to announce that Asa Sharp, a well-respected commercial truck tire and trucking industry expert, has joined us as a contributing editor. Beginning next month, Asa will bring his expertise to Tire Review with a regular feature on important commercial truck tire issues and trends.
Asa recently retired from Goodyear after nearly 35 years in a variety of engineering, product development, marketing and sales positions. A member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Asa is a past chairman of RMA’s Tire Engineering Committee, and a recipient of TMC’s  Silver Spark Plug Award.
In this issue, Managing Editor Craig Gifford begins a monthly column on the complex and often confusing world of the Internet. Over the last five years, the Internet has literally exploded, exposing vast capabilities, possibilities and concerns for dealers and suppliers alike. Some dealers and retreaders are already on the forefront, but most that I’ve talked to feel overwhelmed and, frankly, dotcom-ed to death. Craig’s column will help untangle the web, giving you information and insight to guide you through the issues and technology jungle.
No doubt, we have all been riding the wave of a prosperous economy for most of the past decade. Will it continue? No one knows for sure, but experienced trade journalist John Rogers will provide you with broad-based information on economic trends that will allow you to better monitor where we’re headed. John’s column,  “Business Sense,” debuts in this issue. His short-n-sweet items touch on many facets of our economy, and provide a solid insight you can hopefully take to the bank.
Our goal is to deliver a magazine that helps you and your business grow. Our focus — whether it’s news, regular columns, feature stories or product reviews – is to help you improve your business’ profitability.
Based on the feedback we’ve received, we have already made great strides in enhancing Tire Review in just a few short months. We’ll continue to evolve, working to stay ahead of the evolution of this industry. And making this magazine a valued resource.
But we need your help to make sure we’re consistently hitting the mark. What do you like or dislike about Tire Review? What can we do better?
What do you want more of, or less of? What issues should we address?
Send your comments directly to me by e-mail (my address is below my picture above)  or use the handy postage-paid “Tell The Editors” card in this issue.
And, if you see me at some industry event, expect to be asked what you think of Tire Review.

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