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Bridgestone to Launch New Steer Tyre and Retread Range

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Bridgestone UK will use the Commercial Vehicle show in April to launch a new, long-distance steer tyre, the R249, and a new range of Truck Point retread tyres.


The R249, for trucks of 16 tonnes and heavier, has been designed following a study of nearly 1,000 fleets operating in six major European markets, the company said. Reliability and mileage proved to be the main criteria for fleets, followed by traction/grip, fuel efficiency and comfort. Cost per kilometre is assuming ever-greater importance.


Vehicle manufacturers have an added focus on safety and, with increasing EU legislation, on environmental factors. These have been addressed in the design of the R249, Bridgestone said.

Bridgestone UK claimed that the tyre offers up to 15% higher mileage than competitive brands, due to casing and tread design and a compound specially designed to improve resistance to cuts and chipping. The rate of rubber degradation has been slowed, it said, enabling the R249 to retain grip and handling abilities for a longer period.

Other features of the tyre include low rolling resistance, as specified by OEMs, shoulder sipes for improved safety and an optimised footprint for more even pressure distribution and better wear resistance, Bridgestone claimed. Road noise is low, meeting the latest European regulations and the casing is retreadable.


The R249 will be supplied to both OE and replacement markets and initial sizes are 315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5 and 315/70R22.5, with further additions later in the year.

Truck Point Retread Range

The CV show will also see the launch of a new range of retreads, sold exclusively by Truck Point dealers. It will complement the existing Qualitread range that features premium tyres aimed at major fleets.

The launch of the Retread for Truck Point range follows research with customers that identified the need for a range of high quality, cost-effective retreads in key sizes and patterns for the U.K. haulage industry, Bridgestone said. It uses quality casings and well-tried Bridgestone tread patterns, designed to increase mileage and reduce costs.


Both hot cure and cold cure products are included in the range, with a special process used to refurbish the sidewall rubber to give the appearance of a new tyre. The new retreads come complete with Truck Point branding and the range includes the M711, a popular drive axle tyre for regional and long distance highway use, and the R164 trailer tyre.

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