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Bridgestone Launches New Retail Showroom Program for Tire Dealers


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Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is introducing a new Retail Showroom Program to help affiliated tire dealers grow sales and build customer loyalty through an improved in-store shopping experience.

Specially designed by experts in retail science, the new program is designed to create a more customer-centric environment and accommodate a wide range of showroom sizes and layouts. The new Bridgestone Retail Showroom Program features a full suite of new services, including custom design support, advanced technology and showroom components that offer increased in-store branding.

“As consumer expectations of retailers across all industries continue to evolve, Bridgestone is committed to providing tire dealers with the programs they need to be successful in a dynamic retail environment,” said Matt Kolton, Bridgestone’s senior manager of integrated brand and retail marketing for its consumer tire sales division. “We’ve leveraged research from other industries and best practices in retail customer experience to develop this new showroom program. Dealers who take advantage of this program will be able to redefine the tire buying experience for their customers.”

Components of the Bridgestone Retail Showroom Program include:

  • Small counter pod: Offers flexibility to accommodate screen sharing for a collaborative, side-by-side selling experience that builds trust.
  • Mobile wall display: Lower, smaller display design that improves sight lines and offers flexibility to fit a variety of store sizes and layouts.
  • Large point-of-sale counter: Freestanding counter with adjustable height appropriate for all store sizes.
  • Productivity and hospitality enhancements: A premium hospitality center and productivity bar to encourage customers to stay in-store while their service is being performed.

The Bridgestone Retail Showroom Program was first introduced in 2001 and is one of many programs Bridgestone offers affiliated retailers to ensure they are well-positioned to meet the needs of today’s tire buyer.


For more information about the Bridgestone Retail Showroom Program, visit

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