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Bridgestone Launches Studless Tyre

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Bridgestone Corp. has launched the Blizzak Nordic studless winter tyre range.


According to the company, the line has been specifically developed to meet the performance demands of Northern Europe’s winter climate.


This new-generation design replaces the existing WS-50 series, and Bridgestone says it brings enhanced capabilities under most adverse weather conditions.

Ice, snow and slush characteristics all show significant improvement, as do bare-road driving response on both wet and dry surfaces. An R speed rating, compared with the Q classification of the WS-50, adds further confirmation that motorists can count on an increased safety margin.

The principal areas of technological innovation lie in the revised tread design. An all-new V-shaped directional pattern is said to have improved anti-aquaplaning characteristics due to enhanced slush and surface water evacuation properties.

Bridgestone reports that advanced computer simulation has also made it possible to achieve earlier and wider sipe opening under low friction loadings, producing higher grip especially on ice and hard-packed snow. Block-edge micro-ribbing increases grip for lateral cornering, as well as in longitudinal traction under both braking and acceleration. In addition, total siping length is said to be 10 metres greater than that of the WS-50.


Despite all the winter weather tackling qualities, the tyre features a noise-optimised tread pattern designed to keep the sound of the road to a minimum, while a rim guard (available on all sizes with an aspect ratio of 55 or lower) helps prevent kerb damage.
Bridgestone says the Blizzak Nordic demonstrates performance that is among the best in the category and it represents the state of the art in harsh winter driving security and comfort.


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