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Bridgestone Creates Technology to Detect Rubber Tree Disease

With the help of government agencies and universities, Bridgestone Corp. has developed a method to fight the white root rot disease that affects rubber trees, Tyres & Accessories reports.

Since 2010, the tire company has been working with the Indonesian Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology and a number of universities to develop a technology called the LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) Method, which can diagnose white root rot disease.

According to the tiremaker, the LAMP Method diagnoses the disease quickly with biotechnologies. Using a technology developed by Japan’s Eiken Chemical that helps detect pathogens in the soil, Bridgestone has created an easy-to-use testing kit to detect pathogens that cause white root rot disease.

Because the LAMP Method allows early detection of white root rot disease, damage control of affected areas can take place before the disease spreads to healthy rubber trees, T&A reports.

T&A adds that Bridgestone plans to use 100% sustainable materials for tire production by 2050, and will continue working with Japan, Indonesia and universities to develop technologies to fight the disease and increase natural rubber production.

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