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Bridgestone Announces Mid- to Long-Term Business Strategy

Bridgestone Corporation has announced its new mid-long term business strategy framework, which sets forth a forward-looking vision to 2050 and beyond.

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Founded in 1931 (Bridgestone 1.0), the company considers 1988 to be its “Second Foundation (Bridgestone 2.0),” the year that Bridgestone merged with Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, taking its first steps toward becoming a global company. As part of the company’s mid-long term business strategy framework, an evolution to its “Third Foundation (Bridgestone 3.0)” will focus the company around becoming a leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions, while still leveraging the unique strengths and breadth of its core tire and rubber business.

As part of the mid-long term business strategy framework, and guided by its mission of “serving society with superior quality,” Bridgestone says it will continue to realize and enhance its vision of providing social value and customer value as a sustainable solutions company today, tomorrow and toward the future in 2050.

The company’s mid-long term business strategy framework puts forth this vision for the medium-to-long term and outlines three main business strategies for accomplishing that vision, Bridgestone says. Those include:

  1. Sustainability at the core of management to create social value and customer value.
  2. Enhancing its business solutions through its Tire and Diversified Products as a Solution (T&DPaas) platform.
  3. Building a unique business model to utilize the strengths and expertise of its tire and rubber business.

Bridgestone says it will accomplish its vision by building a strategy around clarifying “what we do” and “what we don’t do;” rebuilding its business boldly based on its new strategy; and holistically optimizing its management.

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