Breaking the Buying Trance with Steve Ferrante [Audio]

Breaking the Buying Trance with Steve Ferrante [Audio]

In this episode of What’s Trending with Tire Review, presented by AAPEX, Steve Ferrante delves into what makes a successful sales process.

With the new year upon us, you may be thinking about the goals you want to set for your business. So, how can you best achieve your 2022 sales goals? The “Trainer of Champions” can help.

With more than 30 years of successful sales and management training experience, Steve Ferrante, CEO of Sale Away LLC, is the producer and host of Pinnacle Performance Training, a program that teaches independent tire and auto service businesses how to improve customer relations, build winning team cultures and produce greater sales results. Ferrante, who is billed as the Trainer of Champions, is employed by many of Tire Review‘s Top Shops as a sales coach that helps establish a sales process based on a company’s values toward customer service. In addition to being a regular contributor to Tire Review, Ferrante grew up in and around his family’s auto service business in Massachusetts and is an avid auto enthusiast

In this episode of What’s Trending with Tire Review, presented by AAPEX, Ferrante delves into his Pinnacle Performance Process and what makes a successful sales process. He also recommends the one KPI that will change a dealer’s business that they should be tracking for the new year.

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