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Nokian Introduces UHP All-Season Tire


zlineuhpasNokian Tyres has rolled out its new UHP all-season tire for North America – the zLine A/S.

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Designed to perform safely and precisely under all weather conditions, the zLine A/S provides mileage and fuel saving benefits and responds well to changing road conditions at high speeds, Nokian said.

“The new Nokian zLine A/S immediately responds to steering, which is an essential requirement for safe operation at the extreme limits. In addition to the precise handling, these advances in technology also manifest themselves in the commendable driving comfort and durability of the tire,” said Olli Seppälä, product development manager for Nokian Tyres.

On wet and slushy roads, the tire’s stiff outside shoulder stabilizes handling of the rigid tread pattern, while countoured groove corners add additional support during cornerning and lane changes, Nokian said. Additionally, 3-D siping binds the tread block together and Cooling Edge technology cools the hottest parts of the tire to improve handling.


Nokian’s Dynamic Traction Boost Tread Compound is designed to operate a high speeds and its Comfort Base Compound below the tread surface softens the impacts during driving, the tiremaker adds.

The tire will be available in 25 sizes, ranging 16- to 20-inches, in speed category W (up to 168 mph), for passenger cars and SUVs in early 2017.

The zLine A/S tires designed for SUVs also feature a stiffer compound than the passenger car models and Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology to reduce sidewall damage common in SUV driving.

Read more about the zLine A/S in an upcoming issue of Tire Review.


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