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Bosch Introduces DAS 3000 Recalibration System

Bosch says the system's recalibration tools work with a range of different OEM ADAS technologies including cameras and radar.

Bosch has announced a new recalibration system designed for repairing current and future advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Bosch says the system’s recalibration tools work with a range of different OEM ADAS technologies including cameras and radar. With the DAS 3000, technicians are able to calibrate ADAS technology from the most popular OEMs like General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen, the company says.

Bosch says the DAS 3000 system includes:

  • Thirteen camera targets covering the most popular OEMS, including Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi.
  • Recalibration fixture and distance markers.
  • Bosch ADAS Positioning System (BAP) that utilizes technology and industrial-grade vision cameras to measure the distance and angles of the fixture, in relation to the vehicle.
  • Floor mat calibration targets for some of the most popular OEMs, including General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi.
  • Dual-purpose Volkswagen radar and camera board – The DAS 3000 includes a specially designed target board used for calibrating radar systems and Volkswagen cameras.
  • Technician training.
  • Integrated target storage – A customized storage box makes finding the proper target easy and helps maintain the integrity and serviceability of the targets.

The Bosch DAS 3000 Master Recalibration Solution includes everything above, as well as the ADS 625 scan tool, a fixture with distance and wheel targets, and an SCT 815 radar reflector. The ADS 625 scan tool with ADAS Recalibration Software Package includes guided instruction, allowing technicians to easily walk through the entire recalibration process including simplified procedures, fixture placement, target selections and sensor recalibration. LIDAR recalibration systems will also be integrated into the DAS 3000 system in the future.

The new DAS 3000 recalibration system is available now through Bosch Aftermarket distribution partners and resellers.

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