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Stability, Extended Life Define BKT’s Tires for Compactors

BKT tires for compactors

In BKT‘s tire range for compacting operations in the industrial and construction sectors, the company has addressed operators’ needs with determination, providing specific solutions which are aligned with operators’ working styles.

Compaction operations are a specific niche for BKT in the OTR tire space, and the company has many products to fit each operations’ needs. First, the BKT Pac Master, a conventional tire that guarantees stability and a prolonged life cycle, is made with a special compound that gives the tire increased strength. The tire is also able to dissipate heat caused by the temperature of the road surface during laying. This solution is available on the market in numerous sizes: 7.50 – 15, 8.5/90 – 15 K, 9.5/65 – 15, 190/60 – 15, 205/60 – 15, 7.50 – 16, 10.5/80 – 16, 9.00 – 20, 11.00 – 20 and 14/70 – 20.

The same and some more enhanced features can be found in BKT’s Pac Master Plus, a solution characterized by a wider contact area to offer the vehicle more stability as well as heat resistance and durability. The tire is available in two different sizes: 7.50 – 15 and 9.00 – 20.

Three versatile agro-industrial models are also available, and BKT says they are excellent for soil compactors.

BKT’s TR 387 is available in various versions, including the “Dual Bead,” which is designed for industrial tractors thanks to its double bead. The tire is particularly durable and is resistant to cuts and tears with its propensity for heavy-duty work. Among the many sizes available, the common one for compactors is 23.1 – 26.

Another highlight is BKT’s TR 390, which has high load capacity and increased durability. It is also available in “Dual Bead HD“ versions (with a double HD bead in the 23.1 – 26 and 28L – 26 sizes and “Dual Bead HD Special” with a special double HD bead, only in the 23.1 – 26 size).

Finally, BKT’s TR 391 compactor range, an agro-industrial solution for both transport and compaction operations, is available in the 14.9 – 24 size.

BKT’s work style and philosophy is based on collaboration with customers. This leads to increasingly high-performance solutions which meet the real needs of a constantly evolving market, the company says.

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