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Just a few small items to share today:

•One thing I haven’t seen this year – a tire price increase newsrelease. Not to say spot increases are being made in the field, butthere haven’t been any across-the-board hikes in 2009. If spotincreases have been made, the tire companies aren’t sharing that info.If there haven’t been any increases, and there shouldn’t given themarket conditions, then common sense prevailed.

• Home Depot anda number of other retailers are cranking about credit card interchangefees. And with good reason. With the credit crunch eliminatingthousands – even millions – of potential cardholders, credit cardcompanies are trying to make a bigger buck off over-the-countertransactions. Home Depot claims credit card interchange fees havejumped 16% over the last two years, even as actual purchases haveincreased by only 10%. Retailers are apparently pushing Congress for anAustralian-style system that holds such fees to 0.5%, claiming thiswould result in higher sales and more jobs.

• “Happy days arehere again. The skies are blue…” Wall Street Journal reported that the“majority” of economists it polled this week say the recession isofficially over. That’s right…the same group of experts who claimedlast fall that the recession actually began in December 2007, now sayit is all over! Yeah! Now, where the hell is my 401(k)?

• Hatsoff to Roseburg, Ore., Big O Tires franchisee Chris Boice, who wentwell beyond the call of duty…and well past a simple emergency tirechange. Chris jumped in to help employee Greg Fisher extract afull-grown cow from a well. Fisher was actually helping his neighbors,Mark and Deanna Dotson, who rent the property next door and raise dairycattle. The cow breached a wire fence placed to keep the cattle awayfrom the plywood-covered well, then it breached the plywood, fallinginto the cistern. Once the rescue team determined that the hoist onBoice’s Jeep wouldn’t do the job, the Big O man called in RoseburgTowing owner Clint Smith. A few hours and a good bit of coaxing later,and Daisy was a free girl, shivering and hungry, but safe.

•Ever wonder what the most common name for an auto service man is?Apparently someone in Europe did, and came up with this answer: It isDave. This was arrived at after polling nearly 7,000 tire and carrepair shop employees in the U.K. Second place went to Paul and thirdto Mark. And the name of the guy who conducted the poll? Dave. Now atleast uniform makers can sleep!

If you have comments to share, send to me at [email protected].

– Jim Smith

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