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BFNAT Turns to Landfill to Supplement Fuel Needs


(Akron/Tire Review) Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire has partnered with Methane Credit and Wilson County, N.C., to generate steam heat at BFNAT’s Wilson County tire plant by burning methane gas produced at the county’s landfill.

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The resulting steam heat will supplement the plant’s existing HVAC system, BFNAT said.

Methane Credit is providing the necessary equipment and processes to capture the methane gas from the Wilson County municipal solid waste landfill. In addition to helping the environment, BFNAT will be able to purchase the steam heat at a stable price compared to the volatile price of natural gas.

Once Methane Credit installs the first of several wells to capture the landfill gas, it will take approximately 12-18 months for gas to begin flowing to the Wilson County plant.

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