Good Benefits Help Retain Technicians. Most Dealers Offer These Perks

Benefits That Beat the Technician Shortage

Find out what benefits dealers are offering their technicians and what methods they're using to recruit them in this episode of Rolling with the Numbers, sponsored by Wix Filters.

It’s no secret that the industry is plagued with a technician shortage. This problem has been on tire dealers’ minds for decades. In fact, you told us it’s one of the biggest pain points in owning a tire business. According to our dealer survey data, 85% of dealers said it’s difficult to find qualified technicians. But, just how much are other dealers feeling your pain? And what are they doing about it?

In this episode of Rolling with the Numbers, sponsored by Wix Filters, we dive into data around technician recruiting. Sure, help may be hard to find–dealers agree on that–but there’s also the issue of implementing benefits to retain your talent.

In this episode of Rolling with the Numbers, find out what benefits dealers surveyed are offering their technicians and what methods they’re using to recruit them to their shop.

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