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Bartec Releases Software Update with Rite-Sync

Bartec USA has released its latest tool software update.

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Release 61 is now available for Tech400SD, Tech300Pro, Tech500 and Tech400Pro tools.


At SEMA 2019, Bartec rolled out Rite-Sync, a tool-controlled process that is unique to Bartec TPMS Tools and the Bartec Rite-Sensor. When using Bartec’s Rite-Sensor and the Rite-Sync process, the TPMS service is just like working with an OE, single part replacement.

According to Scot Holloway, Bartec CEO, “One thing that is common to all TPMS service is that whenever a new sensor is installed, a TPMS relearn is required. Rite-Sync combines the sensor programming step with the relearn step, making the process fast, accurate and repeatable.”


Rite-Sync is part of Bartec’s latest software release 61. This release of tool software is full of new features and benefits that include additional coverage for a host of other programmable replacement sensors. R61 adds coverage for Schrader’s EZ-Sensor, John Dow’s Pro-Select, Huf’s IntelliSens, and SMP’s Qwik Sensor. R61 also marks the return of the Alligator for the Tech400SD, Tech300Pro, Tech500 and Tech400Pro tools.

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