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B&J Launches Pro Team Competition

The launch of B&J Rocket’s new B&J Pro Team competition marks the latest step in an extensive realignment of the company.


The Pro Team competition touches base with the users of B&J’s products in retreading shops worldwide. The competition focuses on these teams and provides them with an online platform, where they can present themselves by uploading a team photo and participate in a unique contest that will end in May 2008 with the ‘Reifen 2008’ Fair in Essen, Germany.

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Andreas MÜller explains the reason behind the campaign idea: “We have great respect for the workers using our products every day. Their judgement is a direct indication of the quality level of our products. If these professionals wouldn’t be satisfied with our products in the first place, we could not possibly be as successful as we are today. The close cooperation with and the feedback we receive from these workers on the quality of our products is the secret of our success.

“We feel that doing something especially for these front line teams was overdue. The Pro Team campaign, therefore, is not only unique in the industry but moves people from their work environment behind the scenes into the spotlight of attention.”

The campaign started mid-November and the growing image gallery of Retreading Pro Teams worldwide can be viewed in the competition pages under The winners of the attractive BBQ prizes will be drawn during the ‘Reifen’ Fair on May 16.

For the past three years MÜller has led B&J Rocket Sales AG based in Switzerland as manager of the company. From the start, MÜller looked closely into the optimisation of a number of internal processes and work flows. Manufacturing efficiency has been improved considerably since then, with the automization of labor intensive production steps and elimination of production bottle necks, resulting in more stable pricing and a noticeable reduction in lead time. (Tyres & Accessories/Staffordshire, U.K.)

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