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The Changing Landscape

Under normal circumstances, it’s challenging enough to market your business to customers and keep profits moving in the right direction. But add to that the current recession economy, and today’s tire dealers are facing a whole new set of challenges. Even though they may feel attacked from all sides – by faltering profits, the credit

Tough Times Are No Time to Turn Off Your Marketing

Tire dealers who aren’t using all of the marketing tools available to them probably aren’t selling all of the tires and vehicle service that they could. To be sure, many marketing tools add expense, and in these tough times no dealer wants to add to the operating line. But there are many solid, no- or

The Color Green Coming To Your Shop

You can’t ignore the movement. Here’s how to make it work for you. Anyone who has been around since the 1960s remembers the beginnings of the environmental movement, our first recycling efforts and the green-colored peace sign that was adopted as the pro-ecology logo. Since those first baby steps, we’ve seen the birth of CAFÉ

Dealing With Diversity: Reaching Out to All Demographic Groups is Vital to Success

Reaching Out to All Demographic Groups is Vital to Success in Today’s Diverse Marketplace Everywhere you turn today you hear and read about diversity – and its importance to and impact on our nation’s economy and harmony. Large corporations have gone so far as to install diversity officers, managers in charge of making sure people

By The Num8ers: Medium Truck Tires

U.S. tire dealers will be happy to know that manufacturers of medium truck tires believe the market will improve considerably during the second half of 2008. This means dealers will have a choice between more tires of the brands and types they prefer to sell. Bridgestone/Firestone, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin and Toyo unanimously agree that 2008