Tom Duke, Author at Tire Review Magazine
How to Balance a Tire/Wheel: Step-by-Step

This article on how to properly balance tire and wheel assemblies is the final 2012 installment in our series covering basic tasks performed in tire dealerships.

Back to Basics 3: Rotating Vehicle Tires

This installment reviews the proper tire rotation practices that are recommended for all vehicle types, but concentrates on AWD cars, light trucks and SUVs.

Back to Basics 2: Step-by-Step Tire Demounting/Mounting

The second installment in our Back2Basics series looks at an essential part of the tire sales and service process: demounting an old tire and mounting a new one on the customer’s vehicle.

Back to Basics 1: Basic Tire Repair

This guide to step-by-step tire repair, which includes photos and a downloadable poster, should be helpful to not only newly trained technicians, but also veterans who want to brush up on their techniques.

10 Surprisingly Common Examples of ‘Business Poison’ to Avoid

Every tire dealer talks about customer service, but how well do dealers design customer service programs that build their business? When you review all of the things that contribute to the success of a dealership – products, marketing, price and more – customer service is the only one that begins and ends with and can

Today’s Medium Truck Tire Market – and a Look at the Future

Most truck tire market analysts believe that 2011 will be a much-improved year for medium truck tires. RMA is calling for an 11% increase in replacement truck tire shipments this year vs. last, and the OE side will be up 47%. But going forward, what do tiremakers see on the horizon and how will this

How Top Dealers Create and Protect Their Brands

There are scores of books and university courses on brands and branding. There is even a publication named Brandweek that covers the latest in branding and branding programs.  But when most people think about “brand,” they envision a mega-company, like Coca-Cola or GM. Brands and branding, though, are equally important for small businesses, like tire

Tire Dealer Financials: Tracking Your Key to Success

Virtually all tire dealers have a business plan that they revise periodically – and if they don’t, they should. Part of that business plan should be a comprehensive financial plan, one that is easy to review and will tell you what you need to know to be profitable. Whether you’re an industry veteran or are

Michelin Urges Alliance Dealers to ‘Bib Up’

In September, Michelin invited more than 100 of its independent dealers to its headquarters in Greenville, S.C., to learn more about a number of upgrades to the Michelin Alliance Associate Dealer (AAD) 2011 program. The meeting was the first of 41 such regional events that will be held throughout the continental U.S. “This program is

Master Social Media to Support Your Brand

Will tire dealers become irrelevant if they don’t master social media? The imperative for dealers to develop a social media program becomes more evident every day. Hundreds of nationally known companies are supporting their brands and selling additional products and services through the strategic use of social media programs. When recently asked about change, Gen.

Get Max Value When You Sell Your Business

What If you decided to sell your business? How would you do it? How would you price it? What would you do today to protect its value? You just turned 63 after spending a sometimes rewarding and always challenging 30 years as the owner of your own tire dealership.   You still have that desire

Is There Still Room For Small Independents? YES!

By this time, most small independent tire dealers in the U.S. are tired of hearing how bad the economy is. Those who are experiencing a downturn in business are forced to deal with it, and those who are progressing don’t believe it.