Tim Miller, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Speedco Breaks Ground in Washington

Bridgestone Americas broke ground at its new Speedco retail location on Nov. 18, in Spokane, Wash. The new location is expected to be completed by the summer of 2016 and will provide industry-leading tire services, quick lubes and other transport needs to small fleets, large fleets, and owner-operators who frequently travel the highly-transited area. “The

Scrap Tire Analysis Improves Fleet Operation, Boosts Dealer Profits

It’s hard to imagine many jobs as unpleasant as dealing with scrap tires. Most fleets store….pile…throw (circle the word appropriate to your fleet customers’ operations) scrap tires somewhere behind the maintenance shop. The tires often settle in a low-lying area where they collect water, mold, mildew and, eventually, bugs (usually mosquitoes). When the pile gets