Scot Holloway, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Old TPMS Tools: Boat Anchors or Trade Bait?

Today’s TPMS market is demanding tools that deliver better customer service and improve a shop owner’s bottom line. So as we enter into the fourth generation TPMS tool, what about those older TPMS tools that you invested in?

Gen 1 TPMS Tool
TPMS Service: Embrace the Opportunity

We’re quickly approaching the point that the average-aged vehicle on the road will have a direct TPMS, which means more vehicles that will come into your shop for TPMS service. Do you know all the points of service? Are you trained in them and ready for your customers?

Cracked Lug Nut TPMs Sensor
TPMS Customer Conversations: Know How It Works, Know What to Say

Follow these steps to make the process of talking TPMS easier, more effective and, as a result, produce even more opportunities to sell parts and service.

TPMS Talk Bartec Customer Conversations
Common TPMS Headaches: Cures for the Top TPMS Concerns

It’s been 10 years of mandatory TPMS, but there have been many changes, advancements and new challenges that remain.

TPMS relearn tool Problem Solutions
TPMS Basics: Types of Tools and Sensors Explained

To properly service vehicles when they enter your shop, be aware of the options that are available regarding service providers and tools, as well as the many styles of replacement sensors.

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