Seth Skydel, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Taking Advantage of SmartWay Verified Retreads

“SmartWay verification is becoming an increasingly important designation for retreads as more fleets realize that the use of fuel-efficient retreads can help them control their costs more effectively,” says Brian Buckham, general manager of product marketing for Goodyear Commercial Tire. “By leveraging new tire compounding technology and tread designs, we can continue to make strides

Managing Fleet Tire Costs

Is it possible that anyone has failed to notice truck tire prices increasing dramatically, in some cases by double digits? But don’t blame the tire manufacturers. Because the production of tires requires large amounts of petroleum, you can blame the high cost of oil, along with the escalating cost of natural rubber. Rubber used by

What the Scrap Tire Pile Reveals

“A tire scrap pile can be a gold mineof information,” says Guy Walenga, director of engineering for commercialproducts and technologies at Bridgestone Americas. “When you go through a scrappile and look at how tires have been treated, you will find ways to adjust yourtire choices or maintenance practices. Tires need to be utilized correctly toget