Sean Phillips, Author at Tire Review Magazine
A Cautionary Tale: Safety First

Of course, it had to happen while I was out of the shop running an errand. Frankly, if I had been there it never would have happened in the first place. One of the services my wheel repair shop provided was the welding of certain cracked wheels, if the weld could be done safely. We

Innovation To Come

Seven years into the great experiment that is mandated TPMS, the data on underinflated tires is pretty clear. An estimated 414 fatalities, 10,275 non-fatal injuries, and 78,392 crashes occurred annually in the U.S. due to flat tires or blowouts before tire pressure monitoring systems were installed in vehicles, according to government stats. If the tire

Installation is All in the RIST

A lot of customers think that wheel installation is so easy that a monkey could do it, to which I like to respond by scratching my armpits and jumping up on the counter. Seriously though, wheel installation is never quite as easy as it looks, particularly since doing it wrong carries some serious risks for

5 Mistakes Newbie Tire Techs Make

Ah, brand-new tire techs. I think of them somewhat as similar to puppies: cute, eager to please, and clumsy as all get-out. Feed them regularly, play fetch the new tire with them, and make sure they get paper trained (with training). Nothing can turn a new tech into a veteran but time and experience, and

Of Silica and Siping

In the past decade, tire engineering has seen two new technologies overtake the industry in the form of brand new ways of cutting sipes and a brand new way of compounding tire rubber. Together, these new technologies have caused a revolution in tire engineering as complete and far-reaching as any since the introduction of pneumatic

Wheel Cosmetics Primer

If you’ve spent more than a week in this business, you’ve probably been presented with some kind of problem related to wheel cosmetics. Whether it’s trying to identify and replace a wheel, figuring out how to repair cosmetic damage, or advising customers on how to care for their expensive chromies, knowing about wheel cosmetics will

Are You Chasing or Catching?

It has happened to all tire techs, probably more than once. You balance a tire, put the weights on, drop the hood again for a check spin – and the balancer comes up asking for more weight. Fine. You add more weight, drop the hood and…it asks for even more weights?! This little play is

TPMS Tools: Turn a Dash Light Into a Profit Center

While the replacement of service kits is undeniably a small-ticket item, it is also a remarkably consistent necessity, bringing in a constant flow of profit and helping build stronger, loyal relationships with customers.

Servicing Two Tire Worlds

In olden times, tire techs were tire techs and salespeople were salespeople, and never the two should meet. Tire techs handled tires and wheels (literally), and salespeople dealt with the customers (sort of). But that particular framework is rapidly changing as tire shops are trying to do more with less. As a tire tech, your

TPMS: Educating the Consumer Benefits Your Shop

Let’s all face it, nobody gets into the tire business for the cheering crowds or the recognition and deep respect of our fellow man. If you did, I’d like a sample of what you’ve been smoking, please. No, we’re all in the tire business to make money, but unfortunately that’s been getting a bit harder

It’s No Waste of Time

Let’s face it, dealing with TPMS issues can be a screamingly complex, headache-inducing endeavor that leaves techs and customers alike confused and angry. Some of that complexity is built into the technology, while most comes in the NHTSA regulations surrounding it. But there are ways to reduce the headaches for all involved, and most of

It’s Really All About Lug Nuts

Examining the types, techniques and dos and don’ts of handling lug nuts and bolts.