Scott "Gonzo" Weaver, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Hand Wire Splicing for Sensitive Connections

Get the hang of splicing wire when solving electrical service problems.

Active Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnostics

Learn the difference between active and passive wheel speed sensor diagnostics.

Working on Wipers

It’s right after a major snowstorm, and there’s ice and snow on everyone’s windshield. You’re at the shop waiting for the phone to ring. The phone leaps off the receiver and it’s Captain Chaos; he’s managed to find a second use for his wiper blades. Apparently, Captain Chaos was in too much of a hurry

Exhaust Leaks and the Stoichiometric Ratio

When I was a kid, I used to watch my dad, who started out as a diesel mechanic, tune up cars and trucks from time to time.  He would turn the adjustment screws on the carburetor until the engine smoothed out and started to purr. Then, after listening closely to the rumbling of the motor,

Tech Update: HVAC Diagnostics

Leave it to the OEMs to take a simple system like heating and air conditioning and turn it into an electronic jumble of wiring, sensors and computer components. HVAC units have come a long way from when I started in the business. A pressure switch was about all you needed back then; it’s not that

A Look Back at the History of Power-Assisted Brakes

Since we are talking brakes this month, let’s do a little comparison of the most popular brake systems that brought us from the days of dragging a flat plate against the wagon wheel or mashing your foot down on a mechanical linkage arm that eventually either slowed the car down or gave you one really

Tech Update: Working on Wipers

lean the ice off the wiper blades before turning them on. In his frantic attempt to go to work, the wiper blades have become completely useless. He can hear the wiper motor running, but the blades refuse to move. Most likely, it’s the nut on the wiper arm that has worked loose from the wiper

A Look at CAN Systems

Just like your cable TV, as a signal is sent down the wire from one communication device, there needs to be another at the other end that can "unscramble" that information and turn it into readable information. These "lines" are generally referred to as BUS lines, or Data lines.Most of the time they are pairs