Rudy Consolacion, Author at Tire Review Magazine
TPMS Service Requires Customer Education

TIA has done a sensational job in helping to educate the tire industry by providing training and educational materials regarding proper TPMS service, but the majority of consumers still lack the knowledge of TPMS and the safety benefits it provides.

Dedicated Summer, Winter Tires Offer Year-Round Service

Looking at basic performance factors, all-season tires can handle just about any possible road condition that comes up – and do so in a med

Even AWD Vehicles Require Regular Tire Rotations

Intuitively, one would think an AWD vehicle would not require regular tire rotations because power is constantly directed to all tires; therefore, all of the tires would wear at the same rate. But when it comes down to it, tire rotation is the second most important maintenance item that can be done to maximize tire life, and this pertains to AWD vehicles, as well.

Other Energy Options Sought as the End of TPMS Battery Life Nears

First generation TPMS sensors are nearing the end of their battery life, so it’s a perfect time to take a look at the new technologies being developed to increase TPMS sensor service life without compromising performance.

The Science Behind, Inside the Versatile ATV Tire

The ATV was born out of necessity when Japanese farmers needed a better way of getting to town from farms that were located in isolated, mountainous areas. Rainy seasons made the mountainous roads impassable with conventional vehicles and thus the three-wheeled ATV was developed to provide transportation to and from these areas. Honda brought the

NHTSA Clarifies ‘Make Inoperative’ Provisions of TPMS Regs

In early 2011, TIA reached out to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding scenarios that tire retailers commonly face when servicing vehicles equipped with TPMS. TIA was specifically addressing the so-called "make inoperative" provisions of NHTSA’s TPMS regs.Title 49, U.S. Code 30122(b) of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA) “prohibits a manufacturer, distributor,

How Tire Engineers Select New Ingredients for Rubber ‘Recipes’

With passenger tire sales in the U.S. reaching $21.8 billion last year, tire manufacturers constantly seek a competitive edge by delivering the latest high-tech products to technology-hungry consumers. In an age when cars can parallel park themselves and drivers can sync their smartphones to automatically broadcast music over car stereos, it makes sense. Just like

Debunking Tire Inflation Myths Keeps Drivers Safe, Fuel-Efficient

When it comes to tire inflation pressure maintenance, there are three categories of consumers. The first group includes the ones you see driving down the road with underinflated tires. They don’t regularly check their tires or even think about what’s keeping their cars rolling down the road. Unfortun-ately, they account for a large portion of