Rick Cogbill, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Soothing the Wild Beast

Basil is not known for blowing his own horn, but when a simple repair degenerates into an overhaul from hell, the soothing tones emanating from the lunchroom let the rest of us know that somebody is undergoing musical therapy. Basil calls it musical yin-yang. “So how long you been playing the clarinet, Basil?” “Yeah,” said

Magician or Technician?

Pick a card, any card.” Groans and protests flew like pigeons after bread crumbs. “Geez, Toon, give it a rest! You’re never gonna get that trick right.” Tooner’s nose twitched as he concentrated on the playing cards spread before him. “I got ’er this time, boys, I promise. Just pick one – you’ll be amazed.”

Car Side: Getting Back to Bass(ic)s

Wiping the sweat from my forehead, I braced myself for action. “I think I’ve got it now. I grip the body with my right hand while grabbing the neck with my left.” Padre O’Brien gasped in surprise as I wrestled my quarry into submission, a clear sign that my unique methodology had impressed him. Freshly

Doing Your Due Diligence

Are you sure about this, Slim?” Digger Dan had to holler to be heard above the noise of his backhoe. He was preparing to dig a new drainage ditch behind my shop. “I think you’re fine,” I shouted back. “According to my calculations, that natural gas line should be 10 feet away. You’ve got plenty

Keeping It In the Family

The back screen door of Rolph’s Diner slammed shut as the owner/chief cook (the title ‘chef’ being far too kind for the dreck he served up) appeared in the alleyway, his battered coffee pot in one hand and a serving plate in the other. “How ‘bout a refill, Tooner? It looks like you’re gonna be

A String of Bad Luck

G -g-golly, Tooner, you’re r-right! That’s one awful sh-sh-shake!” Beanie’s eyeballs were vibrating faster than a mariachi band on steroids. Tooner backed off the gas pedal and the little Ford pickup began to smooth out. “Yeah. Every time I get ’er over 50 mph, the backend of this thing starts dancin’.” Locating a wide spot

Chasing Down Smoke

Look at this,” announced Tooner. He tossed a copy of the Slumberland Rebuttal onto the front counter, stabbing at a glitzy quarter page ad with his grease-stained finger. “Yer lookin’ at my ticket outta here.” I picked up the local rag and read the advertisement out loud. “You too can make $4,000 a week! Become

Cleaning Out the Grime

Getting rid of the unseen blockages makes things run as they should.

Under The Gun…Literally?

Note from the editor: This story is based on an actual case history. We’d like to hear from you. Tell us…how would you handle things if a customer arrived at your shop under questionable circumstances? Send your comments to Editor Jim Smith at [email protected].   I glanced up at the plastic clock nail­ed above the

The Cool Cat in the Mirror

When it comes to diagnostics, what you see is’t always what you get.

Phantom Tach Attack

Some ‘strays’ lead techs to shorted signal wires that grounded cowboy’s old nag Buick

Flames, Fires and Blazers

Creating a built-in fire protection system to appease the fire chief adds to the mischief.