Mike DuBois, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Innovations In Automotive Specialty Tools

One of the most common changes we see with hand tools has to do with comfort and ergonomics. Suppliers are now aware of the need to provide tools that not only work well, but also feel good in the hand and don’t contribute to fatigue or work-related long-term injuries.

Getting Organized from the Ground Up: Building a Tool Storage Solution

As I prepare to write this article, I can’t help but be struck by the irony of it. No doubt, as a professional technician, you’ve worked around other technicians who are modern day “Pig Pens.” This is that guy or girl who can’t quite seem to get his or her tools back where they belong.

Pneumatic Tool Innovations

“Pneumatics is a section of technology that deals with the study and application of pressurized gas to affect mechanical motion.” — Wikipedia Said differently, pneumatic tools use compressed gas (usually air) to make them work. I would venture to guess that most, if not all, of you reading this use air tools frequently, or have

Advances In Electrical System Testing

Shocking, electrifying, polarizing, spark of excitement, flash in the pan. What do all of these words/phrases have in common? They’re all terms from the world of electricity or electronics used to make a point. That point is that electricity and electronics are pretty darn important to our lives. As I write this article, the horrible

Specialty Tools Make Once Difficult Tasks Easy

More and more, it is becoming difficult, if not impossible, to repair and service the cars on the road without a host of specialty tools. The days of being able to use just basic hand tools to repair vehicles is becoming a thing of the past. As the owner and lead tech on a couple

Safety, Reliability and Value of Striking Tools

It all started thousands of years ago. Grogg picked up the jawbone of a T-Rex in one hand and a piece of broken tooth in the other hand. Voila! The first chisel is invented. Early on in our history, man realized he could do more work (or damage!) with the use of struck or driven

Tools and Equipment Needed for Transmission Service

Like most automotive repairs, the first thing you need to do before performing transmission work is to diagnose the problem. Of course you can try asking the vehicle owner for a description of the car’s symptoms, but many times you get things like: "It goes wacka, wacka wacka," or "kerplunkety, kerplunkety." In these cases, it

A/C Service Tools, Equipment Meet the Latest Requirements

In the automotive industry, like many places, it seems the only thing that remains constant is change. While that seems contradictory and possibly negative, in fact it’s one of the great things about our industry. Constant change is the engine that drives opportunity. (Pun intended!)But seriously, it is this constant innovation, invention, redesign and remodeling

Select Power Tools That Meet Your Service Needs

A power tool, loosely defined, is anything used as a means of accomplishing a task using mechanical energy. All power tools use mechanical energy to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be difficult – or even impossible – to accomplish by hand. Now think about all the jobs that we are able to accomplish with power