Mac Demere, Author at Tire Review Magazine
You Gotta Carry That Weight

The correlation – and history – between “Extra Load” and low-profile performance tires.

A Closer Look at Speed Ratings

Explaining the difference between Z-rated tires and their less expensive counterparts to customers

Decreased Traction Culprits

Uncovering the “honest truth” behind customers’ loss of grip complaints regarding their tires.

Coming to the Correct Terms

Understanding vehicle handling terminology can help when servicing performance customers.

Rush to Tire Fuel Efficiency With Contradictory Tasks, Unexpected Options

In the rush to make tires more environmentally friendly (or, if you want to be cynical, less environmentally unfriendly), few consider the plight of the designers of ultra-high performance tires.

Avoid These Cautionary Tire Mounting Tales

I claim expertise in many areas, including high-performance driving, tire safety, vehicle dynamics, diaper changing, and calling in wild turkeys. "Mounting tires on wheels" is not on that list.

Finding a ‘Fix’ for Performance Tire Ride Complaints

me minimal brain function, I start asking questions: • “How old are the tires?” I already knew that with my Carolina friend. If this were a five-year-old car I would have theorized that the aging process had reduced grip. A tire is a lot like a human: It can die even if hasn’t gone very

Can PSI Adjustments Fix Handling and Ride Problems?

Adjusting air pressure will, without question, change how a vehicle rides and handles. However, journalistic ethics (yes, there is – or was – such a thing) and my own moral compass prevent me from recommending tire pressure ever be set below the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. At least for motoring on public roads. Here’s my check-your-air-pressure

Selling the Value of Quality UHP Replacement Tires

Many tire dealers say the biggest challenge in selling UHP tires is to convince customers to purchase high-quality, high-cost replacement tires. Take the time to explain to customers just how much effort – and expense – goes into developing these tires to help get them on board.

How Combinations of Different UHP Tires Can Be Toxic

Especially with UHP tires, unless the tires match exactly, the odd tire(s) out will almost certainly have more or less grip, making for a dangerous situation.

Computer Models vs. Real-World Tire Scenarios

Sometimes the best-sounding ideas don’t work well in the real world. For tires, this is especially true when designers have elaborate computer models to support their fledgling ideas.One of the ideas that sells well, but doesn’t work so well when driven at racetrack pace, is the “multiple-compound-across-the-tread,” or MCATT, tire. (If you have a better

Is There Help for the ‘Accidental Performance Buyer?’

Accidental performance buyers almost always identify themselves, especially by the time they get to the tire store. Accidental performance buyers will complain about the performance of their all-wheel-drive sports car in the snow. They’ll moan about the rough ride of their 22-inch-wheel-shod vehicle. They’ll complain about bent wheels, and wonder why their tire blew out,