Jody Devere, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Stop Spinning the Wheels of Customer Service – Start Wowing Women!

How great is your customer service?  How is your customer satisfaction?  These are fairly common questions when it comes to marketing folks, and I’m going to be honest.  I really don’t like them.  “Customer Service” reduces the customer to a task list, and “Customer Satisfaction” doesn’t go far enough.  I don’t want customers to be

Getting More from Your Social Media Efforts

Social media is everywhere. If you run a business, you can’t avoid hearing about it! Whether it is a Facebook profile, Twitter account, Pinterest Board or LinkedIn page, all of these tools quickly add up to a significant percentage of your market share. So, what do you do once you’ve set up your business page

Common Customer Service Myths Exposed

How to break down the myths of customer service, get into customers’ heads, and figure out the best way to serve them and turn a problem customer into a customer for life.

Appeal to All Senses All the Time to Keep Customers

The independent tire dealer is always facing tough competition. Major tire chains, mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs drive a hard bargain and claim a volume award when it comes to new tire sales.  So how can an independent tire dealer stand out among his or her peers to appeal to consumers on the same level?

Use Cause-Related Marketing to Boost Sales

If you’re looking to increase your dealership’s exposure in your local community, a cause-related event is virtually guaranteed to get some much-desired exposure, help you earn the trust and respect of your current and potential customers – and, not to mention, help out a great cause.Whether you’re supporting a local organization, a national charity or

Score Points With Customers by Creating a Child-Friendly Waiting Area

Waiting rooms are for waiting. That’s something we adults are accustomed to doing. At the doctor’s office, at the DMV, and yes…at the tire and auto service store.

Marketing to Women With Social Media

Comscore, Nielsen, Media-Metrix and Quantcast studies all show women are the driving force of the most important Internet trend of the decade: the social web. So how does a small business – like a tire dealer – harness the power of female customers in social media? It’s all about interactivity and creating a forum for

Growing the Green By Being Green is the Brodie Way

It should be no surprise that consumers still say they will pay more for "environmentally-friendly" products. In fact, according to research by Mintel, P&G and Ipsos, 35% of buyers will pay more – despite the recession. And another 74% say they would switch to another brand if it helped them conserve resources without having to

Attract Women Customers to Boost Your Shop’s Word-of-Mouth Power

r />All marketing for this effort was done via in-store, point-of-purchase displays, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. The local media picked up the story, which promoted awareness for MADD and for Waukegan Tire. The company places links to the websites of all charitable causes it supports on its own site, which serves as

The $300 Billion Minority

Who is the "minority" that accounts for 85% of all consumer purchases? Women. Women buy 60% of all new cars, 53% of all used cars, and spend $300 billion annually keeping their cars repaired. And yet, a recent study of 200 Chicago car dealerships by economists Ian Ayres and Peter Siegelman shows that women usually