Joanne Draus Klein, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Improving Your Clairvoyance

They say hindsight is 20/20. It’s a sentence that’s easier to complete than it is to accept. Yet it’s the rare businessperson who can say that he or she has never made a mistake in the early days of business development. While Tire Review strives to inform tire dealers about all aspects of the tire business,

The Great Property Debate: Buying vs. Leasing

When Scott Rhodes’ father opened the family’s first tire store in 1963, he bought the real estate. Little did he know that the single purchase would eventually grow into a 59-location chain – 55 properties of which the family would also own rather than lease. With facility sizes between 4,000 and 10,000 square feet, that’s

2015 Top Shop Finalist: Indy Tire Center

Anyone watching Indy Tire Center’s Top Shop Award entry video pitch will quickly gain insight into what makes the chain successful. The embracing lyrics and folksy sound of Phillip Phillips’ ubiquitous hit, “Home,” is the soundtrack to a long string of employee photos, captioned with such bond-forming tidbits as their favorite movies or quotes or

Women Tire Buyers Really Want to be Educated

She walks into your dealership and you already have her pegged. She doesn’t know much about tires, you think, and she most likely hasn’t put any effort into researching them before coming. After all, buying tires isn’t really her responsibility anyway; it’s her male partner’s. She probably just has a lot of spare time, so

When Disaster Strikes

From tornadoes, hurricanes and floods to fires, earthquakes and more, no one knows when or where a disaster might strike. Natural disasters can cripple cities and towns in their wake, leaving homeowners and businesses to clean up the mess for months – and sometimes – years to come. While no one thinks or wants a

2014 Top Shop Finalist: M&W Tire

Grazing over platters of fresh fruit and homemade cookies, patrons cozy-up on plush couches and cushy chairs to watch a favorite show on the 50-inch HD television. Some break away to bar tables with their laptops, or go to the computer station to play games or get work done via Wi-Fi. And when the free

The View From The Street

Retail and wholesaler tire dealers see a cloudy future, mixed bag of results, and continuing challenges

Staying Power

Principles All Tire Dealers Can Implement to Keep Good Employees from Running to the Nearest Exit.

Skid-Steer Tires

New technology improves skid-steer tire options.

Words of the Wise

‘Veteran’ Tire Dealers Give a Glimpse of How Their Pasts Shaped Future Success

Super Wide Value

More – and less – rubber on the road can be true financial benefit to fleets.

2013 Top Shop Finalist: Lex Brodie’s Tire Co.

It’s not entirely surprising that Alexander “Lex” Brodie lived an astonishing 98 years before dying in January of this year. His active life, strong business sense and ultimate success were exemplary – even legendary. He was called “one of Hawaii’s greatest entrepreneurs” time after time, and his life and accomplishments were well recounted in a