Hank Inman, Author at Tire Review Magazine
All in the Family: Running a Successful Family Business

Today the most commonly accepted meaning is that blood-related familymembers are to be considered more important than non-family members. Withfew exceptions, that seems to be the mantra for tire dealers who havestarted or inherited a family-owned business. While the “blood” happensto be a common bond, most involved agree that running the business withfamily has more

Continually Adapting: The Search Continues for ‘Perfect’ TPMS Systems, Tools

Even though it has been a few years since tire pressure monitoring systems were first mandated on U.S. cars, the quest for the “perfect” system with the most effective sensors has been an ongoing pursuit. The same is true for the TPMS tool manufacturers and marketers. Progress is being made on both fronts in North

Grow Your Business With Thorough Planning, Execution

The state of the U.S. economy is on the minds of everyone; especially business people. And tire dealers, specifically, are ever vigilant to the peaks and valleys of the financial health of their own industry as well as the industries that support theirs. Even in these challenging times, however, some of those dealers believe that

An Ounce of Prevention: Selling TPMS Preventative Maintenance Boosts Bottom Line

Among several things, winter always drops unpleasant reminders of the many issues that can affect automobile and tire performance for the rest of the year. Tire pressure monitoring systems are just one of the more recent components whose operation can be adversely affected by winter’s wrath. As is common, these issues last well into spring

Superior Customer Service

In the history of the world, the topic of customer service might not generate as much enthusiasm or interest as, say, global terrorism. But don’t tell that to a businessman – especially a tire dealer – who is battling a badly strained economy for his own survival in the marketplace. These days, businesses will “go

Still Adapting: Familiarity Doesn’t Make TPMS Service Flawless

As the global economy continues to affect businesses and industries, the tire industry continues to have its issues – albeit fewer of them – with tire pressure monitoring systems, especially in the service bay area. Mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, TPMS on OE passenger cars are now into their second model year

Fast Flat Repair: Product Launched at SEMA Promises TPMS Compatibility

One can get overwhelmed visiting Las Vegas, not to mention hitting the SEMA and AAPEX shows. If a company has a new product or service, it’s hard to attract anyone’s attention, especially a potential customer or the media. The 2008 edition was no exception. However, there was one new product that caught the eye of

Changes & Challenges: The Role of Wholesalers/ Distributors

Politics notwithstanding, change is the mantra these days. It is preached throughout the tire industry, and prominent on the platform is the vital link in the distribution chain: the distributor/wholesaler. In the late 1960s and 1970s, brands and brand loyalty were kings. Most successful tire businesses in the U.S. were neatly aligned with the North

Selling Safety: TPMS Valve Stems and Service More Than Just Good Business

For more than eight years, tire pressure monitoring systems have haunted the tire and auto industries. And just like any automotive component, the lifespan of TPMS parts is getting increasingly shorter year-by-year. Therein lies not only a solid business opportunity, but also an opportunity to show the customer your knowledge of the business – for

Learning Curve: Training Still a Key Issue in TPMS Service, Multiple Options Exist

TPMS has many unresolved issues, and most tire dealers have dealt with the problems in various ways. However, one of the most common concerns these days still involves training. The Tire Industry Association has done an admirable job taking the lead in this area, and even recently released the Spanish version of its 200-Level TPMS

What’s a Dealer to Do?: Dealers Can Still Win Even if the Economy is a Big Loser

All one has to do is look at the prices – in large, doomsday-sized letters – that hang outside most establishments selling gasoline or diesel fuel. Then the calculator in the left side of the brain begins to register. The results are usually the same: Holy Refinery! Everywhere you look gasoline hovers around $4 a

Making The Grade: Proper Tools Essential for Handling TPMS Issues

Just as the sports world claims you can’t identify the players without a program, the tire industry chants that you can’t fix a problem without the right tools. The world of tire pressure monitoring systems, or TPMS, is no different. In fact, having the proper tools is critical to servicing vehicles equipped with TPMS. While