George Lucas, Author at Tire Review Magazine
The Loss Control Imperative

Profitability increases the value of your company and provides the capital you need to invest in growing your operations. It should be your most critical point of focus. But perhaps an even more critical focus for a viable business goes beyond making profits to retaining profits.   Far too many tire dealerships end up operating

The Real Art of Advertising: More Than Pretty Pictures and Catchy Phrases

ly work at “top-of-mind” consumer recall. Increasingly, though, tiremakers are using such long-term media to communicate more often and more directly with consumers. They inform customers of their new products and motorsport activities, educate about their product development process and quality, match customers to specific tires and dealers, and link up loyal customers and “leader”

Grab That Wheel: Create an Employee Handbook to Take Control

When most owners of tire businesses see the term “employee handbook,” they are likely to have one of several thoughts – usually all negative.   You might be thinking that you simply don’t have time for that now, feeling that business is simply too tough to mess with minor details. “I’ll get to it when…”