Gary Goms - Contributing Editor
Modern Cooling System Design: It’s More About Powertrain than Temperature

New cooling system technology will make ICEs run better and cleaner. So, let’s get on the same page by reviewing some basics.

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Suspension Bushings

In our rush to sell ride control products like MacPherson struts, shock absorbers and springs, we often forget the importance of inspecting and replacing rubber suspension bushings. Unfortunately, worn or hardened suspension bushings can cause many of the mysterious squeaks, knocking noises and vibration complaints that come through the door of a typical repair shop.

The Changing Functional Fluid & Filters Market

What ever happened to the $19.95 oil change? The answer is that it disappeared, along with the “dinosaur” oils of the day. Using the $19.95 oil change as an example of the unique challenges faced by the auto repair industry in general, its original intent was to attract vehicles into the service bay for visual

Cooling System Diagnostics

Springtime brings with it the vacation season when many families will hitch a boat or camping trailer to their fully loaded family car, SUV or pickup truck and travel to some remote wilderness hideaway. Needless to say, both the parents and their vehicle’s cooling system will be stressed out long before the trip is over.

Rack And Pinion Unit Repairs

When your professional alignment technician inspects a vehicle’s steering linkage, it’s very easy to spot a leaking rack and pinion steering gear because the rack boots are filled with leaking oil. Similarly, a conventional recirculating ball steering gear is usually worn out when oil is leaking from its steering shaft or sector shaft seals. An

Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends Are Important Safety Components

Steering linkage is the most critical part of the steering system because worn linkage can not only cause excessive tire wear, it can also become an important safety and liability issue.

Diagnosing Electrical/Electronic Automatic Transmission Failures

Don’t be alarmed if you pull an automatic transmission trouble code when diagnosing a “check engine” warning light! Since the automatic transmission operation has a major effect on grams-per-mile exhaust emissions, you’re going to see the occasional “global” P0700 to P0900-series diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). The fact is, if you understand basic transmission operating principles,

Cover All the Bases of Modern Charging Systems

To quote a familiar situation: “My customer’s car is now on its third alternator in six months and my jobber store refuses to ­warranty a fourth.” In other words, the parts supplier believes that an underlying problem is causing these alternators to fail and, therefore, won’t warranty more alternators. While we occasionally ­experience a sequence

‘Toe’-ing The Mark

How Ride Height Affects Toe Angle

Building Oil Change Profits One Job At A Time

For many years, we’ve considered the under-valued lubrication, oil and filter change (LOF) as a loss-leader service designed to “up-sell” other services. To make matters even worse, some shop owners have further undermined the value of the LOF by using a time clock to measure lube bay efficiency. In so many of these cases, such

Drum Brake Service

Although four-wheel disc brakes currently dominate the brake service market, millions of drum brakes are serviced each day in independent tire dealerships. Thanks to their age, many drum brakes present problems, usually related to normal wear, extended age and mileage. Because an incorrectly serviced drum brake can cause noise, pulling, grabbing and pulsation complaints, we

Understanding and Selling Catalytic Converters

Dill Air Controls launched a new air inflator. The design allows a high fill rate with built-in air release allowing technicians to accurately dial in the desired pressure, the company said.