Eric Brothers, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Diverse Staff, Modern Methods Equal Success for Miller Tirecraft

Recognizing diversity in the community and making those differences a positive for customer and company alike have been keys to the growth of maritime Canada’s Miller Tirecraft. Founded as Miller Tire Services Ltd. in 1978 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by Roy Miller and his son Brian, Miller Tirecraft now is run by third-generation family members.

2011 Top Shop Finalist: Family Tire & Auto Service

  Family Tire & Auto Service has been in business in eastern North Carolina scarcely more than six years, but more than deserves its new title of 2011 Tire Review Top Shop Award Finalist due to continued growth and profitability, coupled with its strong commitment to the communities it serves. David Bucher, 42, is president

Downsized Car Dealer Reinvents Himself With a Tire Dealership

his. Poulin described GM closing his franchise as, "A horrible thing to go through, yet it strengthened me a lot." He explains his resolve this way: “I’m a young guy, I’m 46 years old. People told me you’re going to come back. Their support strengthened me. I chose to be the victor and not the

Idaho Dealer Goes One Way, Then Another and Then Some

You notice it right away. After the name of the founder, thebusiness has "Wheel Align­ment" next, with the word "Tire" appearingonly at the very end. It’s the reverse of the usual "tire and auto service" sequence, and it has been that way since Roger Goff started Roger’sWheel Alignment & Tire in Caldwell, Idaho, in 1978.

Okla. Dealer Expands from Within by Offering Added Merchandise

etting into the cell phone business turned out to be a good move, too. Signs stating “AT&T Authorized Retailer” went up next to “tires and electronics,” and soon, five stand-alone AT&T wireless stores were opened. Gross sales in 2009 were more than $14 million. “The business is run as three separate entities,” says Don’s son,

Smitty’s Offers Nostalgic Merchandise Mix, but Shop is Cutting-Edge

Remember when tire dealer showrooms featured rows of refrigerators, washing machines and big television sets, in addition to displays of the latest road rubber? Those showrooms are the stuff of memories now, except at Smitty’s Tire and Appliance Repair.At its two stores in northeast Iowa, in Manchester and Cedar Falls, the family-owned and operated Smitty’s

Hennelly Tire & Auto Sustains a Permanent Growth Spurt

From one to 33 in the past seven years. That’s how many tire stores Dan and Diane Hennelly have opened despite one of the worst economic recessions on record – and their enterprise is still growing.

Indianapolis Dealer Spreads Service Ideals Despite Recession

On a cold day in January, Joe Tilford broke ground – after pushing aside a layer of fresh snow – for his seventh Tire Central and Service store in greater Indianapolis. A little inclement weather was not going to stop the celebration for Tilford and his team, especially considering that they have survived the larger

2010 Top Shop Finalist: Waukegan Tire & Supply Co.

Waukegan Tire & Supply Co. Inc. has learned to adapt. The company did not just accept change because there was no other choice; it embraced change, and is thriving as a result. From adopting social media to keeping pace with shifting demographics, the company has found ways to grow a sense of community. As a

2010 Top Shop Finalist: Robertson Tire Co.

As a third-generation, family-owned tire and service dealer based in Tulsa, Okla., Robert­son Tire Co. is one of the most recognizable retail brands in the northeastern part of the state. In its nearly 50 years of existence, Robertson Tire has established a strong connection with its customers and has built countless relationships with people throughout

Save Money by Going Green

Do you want to become moreenvironmentally minded? Are you worried about whether you can afford to makechanges in the current economic climate? Going green doesn’t have tomean shelling out big bucks for major renovations around the shop. In fact,switching to environmentally friendly products can actually save you money.Here are a few places to start. 1.