Denise Koeth - Senior Contributing Editor, Tire Review
Telematics & Tires

Just as vehicle telematics are affecting maintenance and repair, tire telematics are becoming reality, as well. Though several tiremakers may be working on “smart” tires or TPMS developments, Continental and Pirelli already have made waves in this arena. Here’s what their developments mean for right now, as well as a look ahead. Continental has developed

Giving Back to Your Community

For tire businesses, helping out your community is more than good press.

It’s Time to Get Hyper

There’s no doubt that consumers’ online activity has made a massive, lasting impact on marketing strategy. More than 2 billion consumers go online regularly, thanks to exponential growth in connectivity and devices like smartphones and tablets, according to a recent Google study entitled, “Brand Engagement in the Participation Age.” “Consumers have moved from leaning back,

100 Years of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

The tire industry – and the world – was vastly different a century ago, when Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. got its start. The automotive industry was still quite young in 1914, when brothers-in-law John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart purchased M and M Manufacturing Co. in Akron, which produced tire patches, cement and

Leveraging Online Reviews

Creating positive word-of-mouth advertising has always been a marketing cornerstone for successful tire dealers. Over the years, savvy dealers have fine-tuned their customer service efforts to maximize the potential for positive publicity from such brand ambassadors. It’s the same in today’s digital age – just multiplied exponentially. Where a satisfied customer was once able to

Taking Biz to the Streets

There’s no question about it – the world is going mobile. And so should your business. While that mostly means mobile communication like text message marketing and a mobile-friendly website, there’s another on-the-go trend infiltrating the tire industry. Mobile repair units – trucks or vans outfitted with tire repair, mounting and balancing equipment – are

2014 Top Shop Finalist: Performance Plus Tire & Automotive Superstore

Though its tagline is “Locally World Famous,” in reality, 2014 Tire Review Top Shop Finalist Performance Plus Tire & Automotive Superstore is known worldwide. With a bustling location in Long Beach, Calif., a solid presence at events nationwide and a hearty e-commerce business that spans continents, the shop shatters expectations of a typical tire dealership.

2014 Top Shop Finalist: Redwood General Tire Pros

Among the many personal mottos by which Alpio Barbara lives, “If you’re going to do something, do it right or don’t even bother” is one that succinctly describes his drive to succeed, passionate community involvement and the way he runs his business, 2014 Tire Review Top Shop Finalist Redwood General Tire Pros. The Redwood City,

Giving Your Business a Face Lift

We at Tire Review hear time and time again from our readers that in today’s ultra-competitive market, every edge is necessary to beat the competition. Fine-tuning your dealership’s customer service and perfecting shop operations are the first – and most ob­vious – steps. Beyond that, successful dealers are working hard to deliver even  more to

The Driving Influence

Today’s vehicle sales forecast influences your business tomorrow

The Digital Experience

Google study shows stronger move away from stores, more online research and growing reliance on mobile

Attract Customers Through TV

Last month, we covered the relevance of radio in today’s digital and social age. But what about television – perhaps the most expensive form of traditional advertising? While TV certainly is one way to reach a large number of people in your market with a custom-tailored message, what about the growing use of online streaming,