Denise Koeth - Senior Contributing Editor, Tire Review
Supplying Heavy Haulers with Application-Specific Tires

The dump truck tire segment has grown over the past few years, not just in volume, but in quality and variety.

Rapid Growth Continues in Luxury CUV Tire Market

The compact luxury CUV segment alone has nearly doubled in sales since 2015.

K&M Top Shop Finalist: TMA Yankton

Single-location TMA Yankton has always been deeply committed to honestly serving its customers, contributing to the community and treating its employees well.

Customer Financing Options for Tire Dealers

It’s become increasingly important to offer a no- or low-credit financing option to cash-strapped customers in order to secure additional tire and service sales. By removing the roadblock to affordability, these consumers are able to get needed repairs — resulting in a safer vehicle for customers and adding to a tire dealer’s bottom line. Read on for a few options available to tire shops.

Software Systems Drive Revenue for Tire Dealers One Feature at a Time

In the battle to outperform the competition, profitability and efficiency are key. And having the right software package for your tire dealership helps. We spoke with tire dealer software companies to get their recommendations on this important tool for your business.

2019 Top Shop Finalist: Don Foshay’s Discount Tire & Alignment

Don Foshay’s Discount Tire & Alignment doesn’t have the marketing budget of a New England-wide tire chain. Instead, it expertly uses what it does possess — customer loyalty; a caring, well-trained staff; and tech-savvy digital marketing — to ensure success and customer satisfaction.

Finding the Right Employee Health Care Benefits for Your Team

According to MetLife’s 2018 “Employee Benefit Trends Study,” 54% of millennials cite their benefits as a determining factor in deciding where to work. Simply put, you could be losing out on young, passionate employees simply because your benefits package — if you offer one at all — is not competitive.

Using Tiremakers’ National Campaigns to Your Advantage Locally

Whether your shop represents one or one dozen tire brands, it’s worthwhile to find out what opportunities exist to expand your own marketing efforts by riding the coattails of tiremakers.

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2018 Top Shop Finalist: Tire Source

For Tom White and Drew Dawson, founders of Canton, Ohio-based Tire Source, success has come from making a move, assessing the results and quickly reacting if an adjustment is needed. Perhaps the most important part is doing so objectively and without ego with an eye toward the health of the company and the future of

Tire Source Belden Village
Tire Shop Profit Centers: 12 Add-Ons to Bring in More Revenue

Find riches in niches – areas of specialization to help your business grow – by adding some unique potential profit centers.

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The Advantages of Roadside Service Trucks for Tire Dealers

Dealers and industry professionals help you sort out the basics of how mobile service units can fit into your business.

Mobile roadside tire repair unit
Tire Dealer Incentives: Getting More From Associate Dealer Programs

See how the programs you use stack up against the rest,and learn to get the most rewards for the amount of inventory purchased for your shop.

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