David Watts, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Give and Take

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, corrosion is defined as “the process where a material, especially a metal, is broken down or destroyed through chemical reactions.” The corrosion we are all most familiar with is that which affects steel, iron’s most common alloy. While just the presence of oxygen in the air, along with some moisture,

Dead Sensor Battery

During the initial TPMS phase-in many warned about what sounded like an impending crisis. It was the “tire guy’s apocalypse,” which sounds dramatic, but that’s the way I remember the situation being characterized. There was worry and paranoia from all sides. Some companies undoubtedly saw it as a “market opportunity,” and helped perpetuate some of

Become an Expert

TPMS. Just another acronym in an ever growing sea of automotive acronyms. As cars evolve the acronyms just keep piling up. Sometimes it can be hard to remember what they all mean. You don’t need me to tell you what TPMS stands for. If you’re like many in the tire industry, uttering “TPMS” might be