Darrell Rowe, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Time and Motion Studies

Time and motion studies? This is retail, not manufacturing.” I have received many comments such as this since my last article on operational excellence where I recommended such studies as a way to improve performance. I do admit that while conducting time and motion studies may seem a bit out of place in retail, it

It’s in the Book

Most enterprises have established operational policies and procedures that address almost every element of their business, from inventory controls to making bank deposits. These basic operational procedures are usually unique to the individual business unit and subject to the discretion of the business owner. However, more often than not, the single most important operational function

Talent Development

Let’s face it, ours is a very dynamic industry. Vehicles are constantly becoming more technical and customers ever more demanding. For this reason, individuals working in the tire and service industry must continue to hone their skills to meet the changing needs of customers and their vehicles. Your people are your most valuable asset and

Finding and Keeping Quality Service Technicians

In the February issue, we discussed finding and keeping employees that enhance sales and management within your dealerships. This month we’ll focus on attracting quality automotive service technicians. Over the past several years I have been actively involved in several aftermarket associations where the topic of technician shortages has been discussed. Depending on the association,

Managing Talent

Are you working on your business or in it? This is a question that I challenge every tire and service center owner and manager to seriously consider. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a tire facility only to find the manager on duty in the service bays, tools in hand, working