Carol Birkland, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Trying to Make Sense of it All

[Editor’s Note: This column by editor Carol Birkland appeared in the November 2013 issue of Fleet Equipment magazine, a sister publication of Tire Review.] Current economic and legislative concerns may be blamed on a perfect, albeit negative, alignment of the stars. We all know that the economy needs to be strong to fuel consumer confidence. Without it,

Tire Cage Safety Regulations

Truck tire service, especially the inflation process, can be dangerous or even fatal if not performed according to proper procedures. Due to the number of accidents associated with tire inflation, OSHA now mandates that all truck tires be inflated in an acceptable restraining device. The requirements for safety cages are spelled out in OSHA standards,

It’s in the Air: Proper Air Pressure is Key to Tire Performance and Optimized Tire Investment

Truck fleets and commercial tire dealers probably already know that tire costs are second only to fuel when calculating total operating costs. Managing tires properly – and that means being diligent in keeping air pressures where they are supposed to be – can maximize tire dollars. In a Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) tire failure