Carlton Banks, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Pulling Codes: Hit or Miss? Part III

Explore in-cylinder analysis with pulling codes.

Pulling Codes: Hit or Miss? Part II

This article will continue the work we started in the July 2013 Pulling Codes article. Part I outlined how we used relative compression to find a fault mechanically. In this article, we will focus on exhaust waveforms (tailpipe analysis) to gather data. In order to have an understanding of this concept, one must envision the

Pulling Codes: Hit or Miss? The Story of P0302

It is unfortunate that today misfire analysis can be a hit-or-miss concept on many of today’s engine families. If one views several misfire failures, and documents the behavior of fuel trims, it is reasonable to state that ignition misfires do not have a significant impact on them, whereas fuel-related issues create a significant impact. There

Fuel System Definitions and Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Many modern-day fuel systems offer a new look into system status definitions. It’s become very important to extend our understanding well beyond the concepts of simple "open loop" and "closed loop" status. Here we will explore the new fuel system definitions that are present on many of today’s vehicles. We’ll begin our discussion by looking