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Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Rick Lang

When Rick Lang decided to start his own wholesale business, it wasn’t about selling more tires. Lang’s vision was to create a business, and meaningful relationships, that offer tire dealers much more.

UHP Tires: Beyond Summer

New technology drives UHP tire sales and brings in new customers.

Point S USA Continues to Grow

In the spirit of evolution, Point S USA moved its 2017 Annual General Meeting to Phoenix to announce the latest advancements and updates for independent Point S and Tire Factory dealers.

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Audra Fordin

When a recession hit in the late 2000s, tire dealer Audra Fordin, owner of Great Bear Auto Repair and Body Shop in Queens, N.Y., was at risk of losing her business as fewer and fewer cars came to the shop. But through this struggle, Fordin found her business’ (and her own) salvation in an unlikely

Street to Track: ExtremeContact Sport

Continental Tire the Americas rolled out its newest ultra-high performance summer tire, the ExtremeContact Sport, during an event in Palm Springs, Calif., in October. Designed with the help of five International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) drivers who tested the tire throughout its development, the new UHP summer product is Conti’s latest offering that brings the

Torque to Traction

  Drive tires are the driving force of commercial vehicles. Whether operating on pavement, gravel, dirt, mud or snow, drive tires are designed for a plethora of harsh environments, offering greater traction and stability compared to other tires. While other types of commercial tires can be used on the drive axles, drive tires are engineered

2016 Top Shop Finalist: McMahon Tire Service

A successful tire dealership isn’t just about the financials, the number of locations or the awards on the showroom wall. And while all those things certainly reflect success, it’s truly about dedication, passion and a desire to put the community and employees first that make a business successful. McMahon Tire Service Inc./McMahon’s Best-One Tire of

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Marshall Lucas

Many successful businesses have started from accidents: fudge, microwaves, post-it notes and even superglue. Sometimes success is stumbled upon, when a series of unexpected events along with hard work leads to something big. For Marshall Lucas, owner of the wholesaler and retailer V T Used Tire Co., the evolution of his business is one of

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Jason Greer

Two years ago Jason Greer, owner of Buckner, Ky.-based K&G Tire Pros, took money from his advertising budget that would normally go toward TV and radio advertising and instead put that money toward helping the community that’s helped him thrive. “Myself and a lot of my key employees are from the area,” Greer says. “We

State of the OTR Industry with Yokohama’s Tim Easter

Tim Easter, director of OTR sales for Yokohama Tire Corp. and a 27-year OTR industry veteran, shares what causes the OTR tire market to change so frequently and what the future holds. Question: How’s the overall OTR market been so far in 2016? Tim Easter: Certain industries are doing well, but mining is down considerably,

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Shane Schmidt

When the U.S. economy slid into recession in 2007, many businesses struggled to survive. As the unemployment rate grew to 9.5% by June 2009, California was among the hardest hit states in the country with a jobless rate more than 10%. It was during that time that Shane Schmidt, owner of Schmidty’s Garage in Huntington

Trash Talk

  It’s a rough life for a waste haul tire. Whether fitted on trash pickup trucks for residential or commercial routes, or trucks dropping off waste at a transfer station or landfill, waste haul tires encounter challenging terrains and high scrub environments that can destroy a tire in a matter of months. “In the waste