Bob Cooper, Author at Tire Review Magazine
Creating Leaders from Within

All successful companies need a leader who has a vision of the future, clearly defined long-term goals and a deep appreciation for people. Those leaders also need the ability to bring out the best in others. This includes a deep-rooted commitment to ethics and the ability to withstand and rise above the challenges, cutting a clear path to the opportunities they bring.

Ethical Sales and Full Disclosure

I am sure you will agree that in our industry there are a number of unwritten rules that tire dealers have followed for decades. They know that they have to hire gifted technicians, stay at the forefront of vehicle technology, and can never jeopardize their relationships with their customers; just to name a few. Unfortunately,

Checklist for Building a World Class Shop

We work with many world class shop owners throughout North America, and over the years we have discovered that the majority of them have a number of things in common. Beyond the fact that they are owned and operated by people who have clearly defined goals, the right ethics, and a commitment to customer satisfaction,

Pricing, Ethics and the Reputation of Your Business

At Elite we know that once someone comes into your shop, you’ll do everything you can to generate a happy customer, and make a fair profit. Unfortunately, some customers will put you to the test when it comes to the prices you charge. They’ll tell you they can’t afford the recommended services, they’ll tell you

The Best-Kept Secret to Generating More Referrals

As we all know, the most powerful form of advertising always has been word of mouth. Although every tire dealer would like to believe the majority of their customers are songbirds, the reality is, they’re not. I am not suggesting that you don’t have some customers who love to sing your song, but it’s safe

The Best-Kept Secrets to Dealing with Sales Objections

When it comes to dealing with objections, most service advisers shut down as soon as the customer says, “It’s too much money,” or “I’d like to think it over.” There are a number of reasons why, but the single most common reason is that the advisers don’t know how to handle the objections. Here is

6 Rules of Maximizing Customer Retention

We all know that there are many things you can do when it comes to customer retention. Follow-up calls, sending out service reminder notices, ongoing advertising campaigns that keep your name at the top of the customer’s mind, and scheduling the next visit at the time of car delivery are just a few.  Yet there

8 Tools Every Service Advisor Needs in Their Toolbox

As is true with the top techs, the top service advisors in America need a number of tools in order to succeed. Here’s a list of important tools you can provide to your advisors that will help them maximize sales, customer satisfaction and your shop’s profits. 1. Clearly defined sales goals and car count goals

Set Your Shop’s 2016 Goals

Most shop owners understand the importance of setting goals but are lost when it comes to the rationale for setting their goals, how challenging the goals need to be, and the types of goals that need to be set. This article will address each of these considerations to help you get your shop on the

A Tire Dealer’s Guide to Handling Web Leads

In today’s world, your customers have 24/7 access to the web. Whether it be on their home computer, work computer or their smartphone, no matter where they are they can be online within moments. This is just one of the many reasons today’s consumers are turning to the web for answers, and more and more

Earning the Ongoing Trust of Internal Customers

It’s ­becoming increasingly difficult to find and hire the superstars and continue earning the trust of your employees, who at Elite we refer to as our internal customers.

A Master Class in Learning From Your Customers

As business owners, our best teachers will always be our employees and our customers. They understand many components of our businesses, and, in most cases, they really do care about our success. Learning from our employees is relatively simple. All we need to do is pay attention to their passing comments and engage them during