Asa Sharp - Contributor, Tire Review
The Truck Tire/Brake Relationship

The Truck Tire/Brake Relationship Modern trucks have evolved significantly in recent years. Depending on the vantage point of the assessor, today’s over-the-road rigs have been described as innovative, streamlined, incredibly reliable, or as merely highly evolved, electronically assisted versions of some aging basic designs. Most, however, would agree that today’s trucks move more of our

Off-the-Road Tires: When AND Why

How many of us have gone to a business meeting or social gathering only to discover that everyone else was dressed similar to one another, but very different than we had chosen? This could result from not reading dress guidelines on the invitation, not knowing established practices, or simply not paying attention to the circumstances.If

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

lectric, gas, cable and telephone providers have some specific tire needs, and the requirements may change with some evolving industry trends. Most are locally domiciled and serviced by a single shop, so inflation pressure maintenance and routine visual inspections for cuts, wear, and other out-of-service conditions shouldn’t pose a problem.Typically, the trucks are used for

Uptime, Downtime and Profitability

Uptime, Downtime and Profitability Since the primary focus of this month’s issue is profitability, and the subject matter of this column is commercial tires, let’s take a close look at some of the trends in the commercial vehicle industry and brainstorm a bit to see how these might positively impact your business.One of the most

Truck Tires for Work or Play

Truck Tires for Work or Play Truck tires for light- and medium-duty Class 3-6 trucks have historically been general-purpose offerings. This made perfectly good sense for many years as these vehicles, such as the Class 3 dually pickups, often served in personal-use applications.Even most commercial uses, such as pickups and vans used by plumbers, electricians

An Evolution that Significantly Changed Component Management

Sharppoints Savvy truck fleet maintenance managers who’ve been around the business for awhile recognize an evolution that has significantly changed their approach to component management. While the basics of selecting good quality components and maintaining them in service is still the primary focus, what could be generally described as "problem management" has slowly been replaced