Andrew Markel - Editor, Brake & Front End Magazine
Troubleshooting TPMS Diagnostic Service

When you think you know everything about TPMS systems, think again!

Jaguar and Land Rover TPMS Service

In the new system for Jaguar and Land Rover, signal initiators are located in all four wheel wells, and they send a 125 MHz signal to force the sensor in the wheel assembly to transmit. The signal from the sensor is received by an RF receiver that can be mounted in the overhead console or near the shifter.

A New Perspective on Ride Control Sales

Over 50,000 miles, the dampening capabilities of a shock or strut will degrade to the point where it can impact ride and handling, but the driver doesn’t notice because it happens gradually.

Subaru TPMS Diagnostics

The most common issue a shop will see with a TPMS warning light is low tire pressure. Once all tires have been inflated to the pressure listed on the vehicle’s placard (including the spare), drive the vehicle at 25 mph for 10 minutes.

Servicing Wheel Bearing Seals

As a rule, wheel bearing seals should never leak. Any signs of a current leak or previous leaks are an indication that the seal has failed.

Can Tires Sell Shocks and Struts?

Tire wear patterns are visual representations of how the vehicle is performing and how owners maintain their vehicles.

Scan and Scope Diagnostics

Using a scan tool to communicate with different modules can confirm operation and the source of communication codes.

Belt Alignment Measurement

A misalignment of the plane of the belt can occur when a pulley is not parallel to the other pulleys on the belt drive system.

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