Andrew Markel - Editor, Brake & Front End Magazine
The Brake Pad Copper Controversy

The controversy around copper in brake pads actually started with fish. If you’ve knit your eyebrows together confused, let me explain: Fish find their way to their homes through smell. Over time, biologists realized that copper in the water could short circuit this critical sense fish used to find home. Then, they started to look

Easier Volkswagen TPMS Service

TPMS relearns can be some of the most time-consuming relearns if you don’t follow the necessary procedures.

Solving a Toyota Camry P0016 Timing Chain Code [video]

Curing this code will require more than the timing chain. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Differences in Mercedes-Benz TPMS Systems

Mercedes-Benz and other German vehicle manufacturers assume that people here in the U.S. adjust their tire pressure for the number of people in the vehicle and for the speed they intend to drive.

What Happens When ADAS Won’t Calibrate?

Troubleshooting the problem comes down to knowing the failure, vehicle or fixtures.

Wheel Bearing Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips the next time you have to replace a wheel bearing. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Cylinder Deactivation and Active Fuel Management

In this video, Babcox Media’s Andrew Markel covers the technology involved in deactivating a cylinder. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

The Lowdown on Judder and BTV

Knowing the difference between pulsation/DTV and judder/BTV is critical to solving any brake complaint and avoiding a problem in the first place.

Radio Waves & Tools for TPMS

TPMS and keyless entry can be difficult to understand because these systems rely on transmitting, receiving and decoding radio waves, but these signals are invisible

Cavitation: Killer of Water Pumps

Cavitation in pumps is not typically the fault of the water pump itself; rather it is the victim of other problems with the coolant and other components.

Troubleshooting TPMS Diagnostic Service

When you think you know everything about TPMS systems, think again!

Jaguar and Land Rover TPMS Service

In the new system for Jaguar and Land Rover, signal initiators are located in all four wheel wells, and they send a 125 MHz signal to force the sensor in the wheel assembly to transmit. The signal from the sensor is received by an RF receiver that can be mounted in the overhead console or near the shifter.