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Diagnosing Check Engine Lights & Misfires

A flashing check engine light is different from a check engine light that’s lit up and not flashing, and it usually indicates a problem. This content is sponsored by the Automotive Auto Parts Alliance.

Catalytic Converter Efficiency Killers

Most converters start out at about 99 percent efficiency when new, and quickly taper off to about 95 percent efficiency after about 4,000 miles.

Spring and Summer Battery Service

According to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 91 percent of summer trips are in personal vehicles.

Can Synthetic Oil Cause An Older Engine To Leak?

One of the greatest service myths is that synthetic motor oil can cause an older or high-mileage engine to leak. There are actually several benefits of using a synthetic oil in an engine that debunk this myth. Those include a quicker engine start time, increased engine protection, longer intervals between oil changes, reduced engine drag